Small dresser grow *CFL's*

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  1. Hello everyone I'm new here but this is my second grow, the first was an outdoor grow I got bud just not alot. Anyway I just wanted to post my grow really to get some insight from veteran growers.

    Here is the construction of the "dresser grow box".. The first thing I had to do was take the draws out and take off everything but the front part of the draw.. I then sealed and screwed them together so when installed it looks like a regular dresser.. Next I moved the the dresser itsself, the fram that guided the draws in I had to take out so it was one open space. From there I took a ride to the trusty Home Depot and bought some of this 'reflector' tape. It seemed to really reflest the light ( I brrought a flash light with me and shined it at the roll of tape and it reflected it pretty freakin good so I figured it would be sufficient. After that I taped the entire inside of the dresser but ran out when it came to the door.. So to save money I went out to the garage and got some good white paint and painted it, untill I can get another roll. Following that I had to drill two holes, One for my exhaust fan (small computer case fan for now, Untill I get my carbon filter and bigger fan) the other for a fresh air inlet. both holes were around the same size with the inlet just a hair smaller.

    Next was installing the lights. I went with two 6 outlet power strips and used 100weight double sided tape to sucure them to the top of the dresser. I only had one chance to get them perfectly in place to fit the bulbs to my satifaction.

    I went ahead and bought a small desk fan from wally world and a digital temp gauge w/ high/low temp and high/low humitity (Which was under 13 bux!!)

    p.s. I tired to upload these pictures right so if it messes up ill try again. And I am open to contructive commments and insight so please tell me what you think so far. Thanks every1:smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  2. Here are some front shots

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  3. Here are a few pictures of my current grow/. I am using Mirico Grow moisture control w/ 3 mnth feed and ColorBurst flowering plant food 15-30-15. (Do you think I should use the colorburst or something else?) She (I hope) is 2wks old and i already started LST.. Let me know what you think or if you think im going to fuck something up, Thank you.:cool:

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  4. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks all!!
  5. My biggest suggestion would be to revise your lighting setup. CFL's emit light from all parts of the glass bulb. Have them horizontal, rather than vertical as there is more surface area on the side of the bulb to illuminate your plant, giving better yield.
  6. ok that makes sense cuz i dont have alot of room as it is so ill gain about 3 inches or more from that... and another problem im running into is heat im runnin around mid 40s in huminity and around 83-90f in temp any ideas?
  7. Humidity is fine, you dont want it crazy dry.

    You may want to revise your airflow as far as the temps go. that to me sounds like you dont have sufficient airflow to counter the heat of your lights.

    also i'd suggest you bring the plant up to within 4-5" of the lights so it doesnt try to stretch, and you can keep it more compact until you get it shaped how you want then let it shoot up!
  8. subscribed. i've got ideas for a very similar setup. you gonna scrog?
  9. scrog is the plan or LST or is it the same? and I'm in the process of getting a more powerful fan to take the hot air out and I'm also going to make another air inlet hole.
  10. Is that basin-bucket-pot thing transparent?
    Roots hate light and wont grow to full potential, they will turn around and not grow near the edges.
  11. Oh shit yeah its like one of those bigger rectangular tupper wear things I'm going out this weekend to get a few things for my garden.. But do you thing if I taped it off for now to seal the light from getting into the "pot" And I have some pictures I'm going to upload that are the most recent.
  12. Ok here are a few shots of some tops views and some side shots.. Let me know what ya ll think..

    Also I wanted to ask if anyone could let me know where I should top her at? Thanks all!:smoke:

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  13. I'm thinking you could have waited a little longer before starting LST. My thinking would be that if you had couple more nodes of growth, and then bent it over, those lower branches would be ready to take off.
  14. Tape it up,paint it, just not transparent.
  15. Did i fuck it up by doing the LST to early or whats up?
  16. No you didnt fuck it up. I think Vapor was just meaning that you should have waited for a couple more nodes so those lower branches would have been more developed and start growing up. You want the nodes to be close together, then you want it to lay down flat with LST like youre doing, but you want as many nodes laying flat, so those branches can grow up and provide you with bigger yield :D. Thats my understanding of LST anyways..
  17. LST can be done anytime in the first few weeks.

    Every plant has a growing tip, which dominates all other growing tips and wins the fight for the light. When you tie down a branch or tip, the plant no longer thinks that the tip is the best and sends up another growing tip to try win the fight.
    Rinse and Repeat.
  18. Hey every1, I have a few updated photos for yall. The first set is some top shots and then Ill move on to some close ups of the new growth at the nodes.. Please tell me what you think.. and if you see me doing something wrong let me know.. btw switched to 18/6.

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  19. Here are some more closeups....

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  20. Here are a few updates on whats been going on so far since my last post.. I went and got some white duck tape to tape up the bottom of my pot, to protect the roots from the lights. I picked white because I figured it would reflect the light better then black or gray.

    The next thing I did was added another 23w CFL. I also plan to move the light strips to the sides of the box to expose the sides of the bulbs where there is more surface area, Ill have those pictures soon.

    Heres what I got so far... Let me know what ya ll think..:smoke: :eek: :cool:

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