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    Is there any small decision in your life that you've made that had very immense life-changing effects? 
    For me it'd have to be going to some local store at the end of my Freshman year of HS. I met up with a couple of kids who I talked to a little bit at school. These kids weren't necessarily bad at all (at the time), but they did smoke weed. They were just your average HS clique that smoked a little bit. We started hanging out and they introduced me to pot. After a while, I'd stopped hanging out with them and started hanging more with the drug dealers and actual kids that you shouldn't really get involved with. I've done a lot since that day, gone down a road that I really wish I didn't go down. Had I not went to that store that day, my life would be completely different, most likely way better. Crazy way to look at things

  2. The word small is relative there's no small events in your just as there's no big events but I'd like to say every event is big but isn't that a contradiction why yes it is
  3. breh
  4. There are many thoughts seeds that bear fruitful acts; only to blossom into more. It's crazy to ponder over, but it's impossible to tell for sure if it's for the better, or not. In the end, we're left with pure speculation of what could've been. I could've not chose to chill at Mike's freshman year (haha, shit changed quick that year), though the amount of variables pulls me out of that thought cloud real quick. Life would've sailed another path. 
  5. Deep. *nods head* I think no decision in your life is small, but that's because every decision you make is a gift. The fact we have a chance to make decisions shows that our future is in our palms..and even if our oyster doesn't bear a pearl at the end of the road.. Better to have loved and lost, eh?
  6. I put 5 bucks on a poker site in 8th grade, turned it into 400 some bucks, then lost it all in a day....been hooked on gambling since. dropped like 10 k last year on the blackjack table, plus what i spend on pot, i cant save money to save my life
  7. Best of luck to you brother
  8. And I've not lived life long enough to make too many mistakes off of " small decisions" yet..but one " small decision" I have enjoyed is becoming a member of GC. This place feels very homely even if I know none of you niggas. That's why it upsets me to see you guys doin unfortunate. Best of luck to all! Much love

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