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  1. anybody have experience with this? i am looking for rental space now and formulating a business plan. i would love some guidance in areas of setup of grow space with attached retail establishment specializing primarily in the sale of flower.
  2. I have always been a business owner and have always grown weed. So... I have just recently, finally, after years of waiting, been afforded the opportunity to combine the 2 where I live. As of this moment there is no competition within 75 miles and I seriously have been waiting for this forever and I feel like I need to jump in quickly.
  3. I am also considering renting 2 separate spaces instead of growing behind the retail area. This would give me a chance to save money while maximizing grow space. I am going to be 100% self funded and my current businesses will pay for everything slowly. So I have to be economical about this up front. I expect no income from the grow for a year.
  4. You need to file a lisence and be approved by the government to produce and sell cannabis from a retail establishment. What you should look into is growing for medical patients. Alot less hoops to jump though.
  5. All of this is its own separate battle that I am not even the slightest bit concerned about. It is all worked out and I will have the proper legal retainers in place before the retail shop is open. I am interested to know if anybody has experience setting up a large grow area of 750 square ish feet.
  6. Ay bro. Read this thread if you haven't already. And maybe you could message dude for advice.

    New Commercial Grow

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