small closet grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by richyrich73, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. New here just wanted to share my beauty with the world. 20160416_054751.jpg
  2. 12/12 grow from seed. From bag seed of strawberry cough.
  3. do you have some secret information that 12/12 from seed is any kind of good idea?
  4. Looks very good, though you might not get much yield since you flowered from seed but good luck you seem to be doing well:) is it your first grow or no?
  5. It was actually switched to 12/12 about 3 weeks into 18/6. I was told it was better than going 12/12 straight from seed. It is my second grow all tho my first was just a plant in the window sill of my parents house lol. My fault for using the term 12 12 from seed
  6. Little update on my beauty. Doing well other than falling over from the weight. Has buds sprouting out everywhere and smells heavenly 20160429_104154.jpg 20160429_104249.jpg 20160429_104215.jpg
  7. Unfortunately I believe my beauty has died. Perfectly healthy one day starting to grow small buds and 2 days later I check on her and all of her leaves are pointing downwards and the bottom most leaves are turning yellow

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