Small Closet Design, What Ya Think?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by t(o.0t), Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Im new to this site (havent signed up for forums since overgrow was shut down)

    I will be growing in a closet that is 3ft wide, 9ft long and 8ft tall. I have my own house but i do not want to use the whole spare room to grow, as it will also be used as my office. I am an experianced grower both indoors and out but have never grown in a space this small. i have a general idea of what i want to do so here it goes.

    GROW MEDIUM: I will be growning in soil, in 5 gal buckets, the buckets fit side by side and i can fit 2 rows of 9 buckets, (So 18 plants)

    LIGHTS: This is the problem, i have a 1000w HPS that fits very well in the closet and will be more then enough for the space, i am just worried about ventelation so i will be doing this..

    VENTILATION: i will be getting a bathroom exhaust fan and cutting a whole into the cealing so that the hot air will be sucked out and forced into the attic. i dont have to worry about smell because my neighbors arent too close, and the 4 houses around me the occupents all smoke.. for air being brought into the room i will tap into the AC vent and run some ducting through the closet cealing down to the floor.

    TO SUM IT UP: i will be running the hps on 24/0 untill i can determine sex, then will immediatly change to 12/12. I was wondering what you guys think if i can pump enough cold air and expel enough hot air to keep the closet kool with that beast of a light.

    THANK YOU for reading, and your suggestions, the set up will be going in March 1st and i will be posting the pics then.
  2. That sounds like a good plan, but i would get some kind of filter for smell because their not exspensive and easy to's worth it to be sure noone will smell it. Unfortunatly some people will break into your house to steal your plants for themselves, such as smokers, non-smokers, and even cops sometimes.
  3. like i said, my neighbors (house on left, house on right, and behind me are all atleast 15 yards form me AND all are occupied with tokers that are friends. THEY dont even know im growing, nor will they ever, loose lips sink ships. i dont no if the bathroom exhaust fan will have enough power to push air through a carbon filter. does anyone have a thread or can tell me how to build one WITH a ehxaust fan i can pick up from any lowes or home depot. i no how to build the filter.. just what fan should i get with what cfm's etc. thank you

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