Small Bulbs? Low wattage?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by t33to, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I'd really like to have a less than 400w HPS Bulb and Ballast for my closet. Is there something in the 100-250w range available on the market? I really only want to grow one plant in it and I think any wattage over 250 would be ridiculously difficult to cool and just complete overkill.

    Your thoughts.
  2. If your only planning on growing one plant, i would personally go with CFLs...They are great for a small grow, especially a closet, check out my grow journal and also eazygreen's journal off the top of my head, to see easy ways to grow with fluorescents. Good luck with setting up your grow.
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    I've already got the CFL thing going on, but they just don't seem to be outputting like I hoped they would. They are the 42w 3000lumen bulbs, 2 in the 6500k, and 2 in the 2700k.

    My friends tell me that one 200w hps bulb will output nearly 25,000 lumens and from the research I've recently conducted this totally seems plausible. However it's my first grow so I'm still quite skeptical of everything.

    Ill be sure to check out your journals. I appreciate the response.


    How do I check out your journal? I tried by clicking your name but it didn't take me where I thought it would.
  4. People have been posting this web site where you can get a 150W hps that would not be bad? Its also only $20 and I think $10 shipping? Might find the same thing at home depot in the outdoor patio lighting area too? Good luck with your hobby man..

  5. Oh no, i wasn't saying that hps inst the way to go, theres just a lot more to it, and its easier to run a cfl setup in a closet without bustin any holes in the walls to vent hot air, etc. If i could use hps i would, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I thought my link to the journal was in my sig, heres a link
    It just been a really easy ride for me with cfl's thus far, and for such a small amount of plants i really do think the that cfls will be more than sufficient.

    But you could always get the hps for this grow, that way you have it for later grows, with more plants.
  6. bout 22400 lumens from a 200watter, ye thats good lumens though, youll need a ballast with the bulbs
  7. The ballasts and the bulbs don't frighten me. I actaully really enjoy making things, I guess all of us children raised on lego are like that lol.

    I'm not real stoked on spending a few hundred, but I'm hoping to get into DWC next and I haven't seen one successful DWC grow that uses floro's. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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