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    Hi I am very new to growing First Time lol,
    I think that my buds are very small but some if not all area ready for harvest?
    I have been using plant magic plus Grow 5-3-3
    For about a week now two week now they have been getting 12-12 light and dark inside never outside, is it too late for them to get bigger, sorry i do not know what strain she is. hope you can help. i think it could be lemon??? Pics without foil and lights 22nd Oct, with foil 18th November.
    Rob, UK


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  2. Yea they havent really formed well. Lack of light air circulation etc,

    Its no bad effort for 1st grow.
    You learn with every grow mate.keep at it :)

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  3. They should get bigger if you just switched to 12/12.
  4. They're not done swelling up yet. Give them two weeks at least before harvesting. 
    Oh my fuck those buds make me wanna go back to growing!
  5. those little popcorn buds are always the ones that pack the biggest punch though....

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