small buds wont grow but have lots of red hair

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  1. Im growing inside with some cfls. in the 3rd-4th week of their flowering they wernt getting enough light due to some technical difficulties. now my 2 girls are in the 7th week of flowering and have over 200 watts of 2700k cfl directly on them but the buds wont grow. they havent changed in 2 weeks. the hairs are about 2/3rds red and have been for the past 2 weeks.

    i used to have 3 plants but i cut one down because it went hermi. sadly i was too late and now all my buds on all 3 plants have seeds. will this effect the growth of the buds / thc production?

    Im useing fox farm ocean forest soil and botanicare bloom nutrients. i have tested the ph and its fine. the temps have been 70-80 day and 60-80 night and humidity around 55%. they get plenty of air circulation.

    please help me make my buds get big
  2. Your plants have stopped putting their energy into making big buds and thc and put all their energy into making seeds. Dont let that discourage you just look at it as a learning experience and check your plants daily for signs of hermi. Best thing to do is start over.
  3. thanks that must be it.

    now that the hermi is gone, will the buds start growing again once the seeds are formed? would it even be worth growing them for longer or do you think i should just chop em down? either way i started flushing them a few days ago and i would like to flush them for 2 weeks before cutting them.
  4. no once the seeds are fully formed the plant will start to die because that is the end of its life cycle. i think you can use the seeds though if the seed dont come from the plant that turned hermie but were pollenated by that plant......well im not sure about that either just scrap the whole thing and start over
  5. btw I would dry and cure the buds anyway they will still get you high:smoke:

  6. yep same issue with mine. buds are almost all seeds but it still is worth sorting threw and smoking.
  7. o ya ive already been smokin on the hermi i cut down. ill probably let the other two plants keep growing for a little while so the seeds develop and then smoke them and plant the babies. i already have plenty of other babies going.

    i heard that pollen from a hermi will produce only female seeds with high potential to hermi. anyone know anything about that? am i about to have a bunch of feminized seeds?

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