Small buds but Amber crystals

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  1. So today I took a magnified picture of my plant. It looks like it's about ready to cut down but at the same time the buds are tiny any input would be nice. What do y'all professional growers think?

  2. You're looking at the trichomes on the sugar leaves rather than the calyxes. It's not close to being ready.
  3. Buds are going to shrink 75% when you harvest and dry. That plant looks like it needs at least a few more weeks to fatten to it's full potential. Need to check trichomes on buds not the leaves. White dots on leaves look like spider mites have been attacking your plant.
  4. @zxc555 thank you for the quick reply ! I will give it a few more weeks . Also I had an issue with thrips a couple weeks ago but now they're gone . I'm using spinosad and it cleared them right up, should I be looking for other signs of spider might? The buds don't have webs on them like I've seen before . Also the sugar leaves and fan leaves are slowly yellowing and sagging now.
  5. @Pistils that's a relief I though just the Amber color was an indication whenever they appear , but I'm going on about 4 to 5 weeks of flowering outdoors I'll give it more time for sure
  6. I'm just guessing from the white dots on your leaves. Will need a magnifier to check the underside. I'm assuming that some of the discolouration and markings could be linked with a possible pest issue. If you've had thrips in the past, did you apply the spinosad only once? I believe it should be applied again 4-5 days after the initial use and then another 4-5 days later if there are still signs of thrips.

    I can't say for sure tbh, I mean I can't see any damage that looks like it's been caused by thrips in the pictures you've uploaded, I usually look for tiny black dots (faeces) among the tiny patches they've been munching. But I can see lots of white dots and first thoughts on white dots are spider mites, or white powdery mildew, but doesn't look powdery.
  7. @zxc555 I've used it a few times now I think I figured out the best ratio and time to apply, I'm going to inspect the undersides today with a magnifying glass to make sure they're gone completely, I was worried I had a nutrient deficiency a little while ago so I started adding cal-mag and it helped a bit ,but it seems the buds have stopped growing. Any idea on to improving growth?
  8. As far as the deficiencies:
    It's completely normal for deficiencies to start showing up around this time. The fact is.. plants that are nearing the end of flowering don't look pretty.


  9. If it was growing fine without the calmag before, I'd leave it out until a calcium or magnesium deficiency shows. Calcium will show as blotchy yellow/brown mottling, magnesium def will show as uniformed yellowing between veins.

    The lighter yellowing older fan leaves look like the plant's not getting enough nitrogen so it's cannibalising the older leaves to get its N supply. This is normal towards the end of the the flowering stage when you are near harvest, but these look like a few weeks off. Also because other discolourations are showing elsewhere on the plant, I can't say that you need to increase the feed. The plant could have a problem with the correct uptake of nutrients if there is a pest issue or it should iron itself out it was recovering from one.
  10. @zxc555 @Pistils thank you guys for replying I really appreciate it! I have noticed on 2 leave pedals random yellow spots after I've used cal-mag so I will def stop using it asap. Also your buds look huge compared to mine! I will just continue it's regular scheduled nutrients untill harvest and keep an eye out for a pest problem.
  11. That's because I'm like a day from harvest. You still have weeks left. And in the last 2 weeks you'll add up to 25% yield to your plant. You'll have a good harvest if you're patient and don't chop early.

    Good luck!
  12. @Pistils your flowers looks beautiful im hoping mine turns out that well ! And I'll be very patient I think I worry to much about it and I'm constantly checking like every hour so I don't notice any changes ever . Thank you for your time I'll post more pictures in a couple weeks as an update !
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