Small brown (dying?) leaf on new plant

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  1. Hey guys.
    So my germinated seed sprouted a few days ago and now leaves are starting to appear out of the seed that's held up by a small stem. There are 3 nice leaves and one small brownish leaf that looks sick. In the picture, the leaf in question is on the right.

    I'm wondering 1) is this normal? 2) what caused it? 3) can I fix it?

    Is this just an old leaf dying to make room for better ones? Or Am I frying my plant? I'm using a pretty basic cfl tube ~ 3 inches from the plant. The plant is in a closet in reasonable temperatures with pretty good humidity.

    Is there a nutrient deficiency? Is pH off? Let me know! I don't want my plant starting off wrong.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412616703.577962.jpg
  2. Sorry about the shitty picture. I'm in too much of a rush to use any other camera besides my phone. You can see a green and brown leaf about half the size of the others to the right of the plant
  3. Leave it alone for a few days and it should be ok, don't love it to death like a child mauling a kitten =)
  4. By leave it alone do you mean like don't worry and keep watering it normally? Sounds good to me if that's the case.
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    The nice green leaves look healthy, won't need much water, like a tablespoon every 3 days maybe longer.
  6. Should I let it chill even if the soil dries up? My instincts tell me to keep the soil moist to replicate real environment conditions. I don't wanna flood my new baby (hahahh) though. Let me know!
  7. Yea let it dry some so it'll stretch it's roots searching for food, instincts should be thrown out the window unless you have lived with natural wild marijuana and have seen how that seed gets treated in its natural habitat =) that urge to water can become over loving very quickly.
  8. Thumbs up. I'll keep her dry for a little

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