Small Black Holes(Hoes) And Superman

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  1. So can a blackholes as small as a speck of dust destroy our solar system? Now I've read somewhere that ideally the core of a black hole is planck distance but Idk if that's true

    And finally.. Can superman hold a speck black hole in the grip of his hand?

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  2. Its not the size its the gravity.

    Many people are misunderstanding of what a black hole is.

    Black holes don't suck things in.

    If the sun was replaced by a black hole that had the same mass of the sun, the orbit of the planets would be uneffected.

    And no I don't think super man could hold a black hole, judging by what I've seen on TV.
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  3. I dont know for sure, but I think what is meant by 'core of a black hole is the planck length' is that if you imagine a black hole as so:
    then the core is the singularity that would be the planck length in size at the very bottom (though i dont like that image implying those items listed are being sucked in...)
    If it were possible zoom in to the size of the planck length, space and time become crazy and you would see the quantum foam theorized through quantum mechanics.
  4. It's non-predictable if superman can hold something like that.

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