Small Batch Dry Sift and Rosin Tech for the everyday user

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  1. Most of the guides online are by growers and usually in "progressive" states or by people who haven't gone beyond hair straighteners. This guide aims to offer the middle ground for users who buy an ounce or less at a time. I've been doing this for several months and my extract lasts me as long as my bags did previously.

    Dry Sift
    Dry sifting can be done with all your bags. You don't need a garbage bag of shake and clippings to make it worth it. Most sifting techniques use 1 or more large square framed screens or a motorized tumbler. While the screens aren't terrible expensive, they are a pain to store and keep dust (or cat hair) free. If you are processing less than an ounce you probably don't care about multiple separations of sift. I originally used a pre-framed silk screen from Michael's, but I recently cut it up to use the screen. I used a mason jar with the ring part of the lid, but instead of the metal disc I use a piece of screen. I end up with a Dry Sift Shaker.

    1. Break up your bag into flowers, aiming for .1-.3g chunks (1/4" ish to 1/2" diameter usually). Leave all the shake and stems in the mix. I use a sturdy pie tin for this.
    2. Put the broken up bag in a sealed mason jar, then put the dry sift shaker, and the flower jar in the freezer for a bit. This will help those beautiful crystals to break off more easily.
    3. Once they are nice and cold, add flowers to your shaker until it is roughly 1/3 full. I add in a couple of irregular shaped beads from my daughters necklace kit to help agitate the flowers in the next step. I have no idea if this actually helps though.
    4. Shake the shaker over glass. I use a 9x9 Pyrex square baking dish. Shake Shake Shake, shimmy shimmy shimmy. Using a razor periodically clear a spot so you can see how much is still accumulating. Once it slows to barely anything (5min or so) I change the flowers out for fresh ones and shake again, until I've gone through the whole bag this way.
    5. I use the razor and small brush I keep around to collect the kief and put it in a jar.
    6. Lastly I put all the flowers in one container and the remaining shake in another. I save the shake from all my bags until I have enough to make water hash.

    You'll be surprised how much you'll get from a bag. The Dry Sift can by smoked, sprinkled, pellet pressed, or heat pressed.

    Rosin Tech Pressing
    The Press: If you are just starting, then I recommend starting with a 2" plate hair-straightener until you are sure this is your game. Once I realized that I didn't want to combust at all anymore I knew I wanted something better than the hair straightener. I bought an arbor press from Harbor Freight and tried multiple methods to mount heat plates on it. The Arbor press has work very well and proven that I will get more extract with a better press. However, it's a custom wiring mess and very rinky-dink. Despite trying multiple methods to mount the heat plates permanently, I could never get it to stay attached. In the end I used copper wire to harness the plates to the press, which has been the most sustainable (and ugliest).

    I recently ordered the RTP Gold Series 5x5 manual press for $390. This is the most expensive part of this for me, but I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, so I wanted something better. Additionally the RTP press will let me set the temp to under 300, which will allow a better extraction. If you get a hair straightener and you know this is something you're going to keep doing, I recommend skipping the home brew presses and just by a decent one. Mind you though I have no interest in buying the hydrolic presses for several thousand dollars. There are some negative reviews on the RTP hydrolic presses, but the manual presses get good reviews. I'll post later this month when it arrives with details of how it performs.

    1. Cut up squares of parchment paper. This will very based on what you are using to press, but you should be able to fold in half and leave at least 1.5" from the edge to the nearest bud.
    2. Pre-Press: I didn't do this at first, but it makes a big difference. Using a piece of clean parchment paper (I use the same piece for a while), and something heavy, flatten the buds while they are cold. I use a small piece of sheet metal and just put my weight on it. The buds end up being a around 1/8" thick usually. Pressing the buds seems to get more rosin out, but also stops the buds from rolling when loading the press.
    3. Pre-heat your press - I find letting it take a minute to heat evenly is also big. A press with uneven heat gets uneven results.
    4. Put 1-2 flattened flowers into each folded piece of parchment
    5. Once the press is nice and hot put them in one by one and press. When you press, press slowly, letting the heat melt everything before the real pressure is applied. I usually let teh press sit for a second or 2 with no pressure then let the press take 4-5 seconds, and ultimately leave it in the press 10 seconds or so. Generally once you hear a sizzle it only needs a few more seconds. (but it doesn't always sizzle)
    6. Remove the parchment an repeat the process with each of them.
    7. Some people put them in the freezer right away, but I like to open them and remove the flower chips first. Instead of freezing them, I put an ice block (from a lunch kit) under a piece of sheet metal and lay the parchment on it when removing the extract. **If you end up with shatter quality rosin, and you might, don't freeze it. In fact you might want to warm it a bit so it doesn't shatter and fly all over the place. trust me.
    8. I re-press the chips at least once, and if I get a lot on the 2nd press I'll often do a 3rd. I keep containers so I know which chips are spent and which can be pressed again.
    9. Now you have your rosin. I use the Puffco wax pen for mine and love it.
    10. The chips can be crumbled and used for baking eatables. I put mine in a crock pot with coconut oil (best extraction) and usually make brownies or something with it.

    I know a lot of this is repeat from other rosin articles, but hopefully people can find some info that helps get better extractions. Happy pressing!
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  2. i break up the nug and compact it into a small ball, and i never do more than a .2 per press. You get better results pressing smaller quantities.
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  3. In a ball huh? I haven't tried that. I'll give it a shot.

    I also aim for around.2, any smaller and it starts getting tedious. Good point though, smaller buds definitely get better yield.
  4. This may be a lil late.. But I made an account just too say, smaller doesn't really matter if you have pressure. I pressed .3 too see if it would yield anything, got .05 out of it, a 16% yield. Then I pre pressed a g, squished her and got .18 so I got a little more from a larger amount. Just my experience. This isn't the best bud, it's suuuuppper wet. I just upgraded from a c vise clamp too a master force 1100lb bar clamp, I've been getting a lot more. Mind you this is just first run yields. And I'm running 310 f
  5. It's true! I just got my RTP Gold 5x5 Manual Press. I have way more control now for long low temp presses and it is awesome. I like the press a lot.

    I also saw a video of a dude who was breaking his bud up, and using something he made similar to a pollen press. He made 1 gram discs of pre-pressed flowers. I tried it and it is all I'm doing now. If you are careful you can press shake as well, which is great because I hate making water hash.

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