Small basic veg cab cfl advice needed plz

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by frank drebin, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hello GC. Building a small veg box to give my little ones a head start for a few weeks before they go in under the MH. And while my budding room finishes up.

    I get the basics of cfl's but im not sure what ones would be best bang for my buck {which isnt alot i must add}. Theres that many im lost tbh.

    I wanna keep it simple if possible, just a light or two that would fit straight into a normal household socket. So is it possible to get a bulb {or 2} that uses just a normal bayonet fitting and gives out the half decent lumens im after ?
    How would one of these do ?24w (120w) Bayonet BC / B22 Quick Start Low Energy in Daylight 6500K

    Also came across these. Which i think would be better... . Osram TC-DEL CFL Gx24Q 42W |

    Now heres where i get lost those. The 2pin/4pin connection. Do i need buy some sort of special fitting to convert it right ? And then that just goes into a normal socket ?
    How much would that be roughly? And what exactly am i googling for. Is there some sort of special cfl ballast for these ?

    Question over-load i know.:rolleyes:

    Thanks. :smoke:
  2. I'm not very familiar w/ bayonet-type CFLs. I simply used ceramic lamp bases I found at Lowe's, which are fixed to a rectangular frame I made from 1/2'' PVC piping. Though I know for a fact the screw-in CFLs need no external ballast. I would think your best bet is going to the Lamp Repair section of your local chain hardware store and picking up some lamp cord and several sockets and wiring up your own setup.

    Until I know the size of your space and the quantity of plants you're growing that's the best advice I can give.
  3. Why not just use some 23-26 watt CFLs? They are actually more efficient than most of the higher wattage bulbs and fit into standard sockets.
  4. Good point mate. The small veg box i have is 35 cm wide/ 35cm deep and 45 cm in hieght .
    Like i say, its just for 2 baby pants at most. Its only for one atm. And if my timings right they will be moved into my proper tent once they get a leaf set or two. So yeah, im thinking two standard sockets with two everyday bulbs would be a good move?

    So you think two of these would suffice mate ?....
    24w (120w) Bayonet BC / B22 Quick Start Low Energy in Daylight 6500K

    Thanks guys.

  5. Oh is that the first one you posted? LOL. Sorry I'm really high right now. Yeah that's fine. How many you need depends on how many plants you have, how big you want to veg them to, and how fast you want them to get to your desired size. 2 per plant is a good number to get them to a decent size before switching to your MH.
  6. Its just a basic kickstart for them mate, perhaps under them for 2/3 weeks at most.

    So two of them it is mate. Keeps things nice n cheap n simple for me too, no wiring etc etc

    Thanks. :smoke::wave:
  7. I'd go for 4 sockets, each w/ 26-36w CFLs, for what you're looking to do. I've actually flowered a few single plants in a similar sized space under 8 CFLs. Harvested anywhere from 30-45g each time.

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