Small and fast nutrient testing grow

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    I started this grow to test a new nutrient line as well as tweak my room temps and air flow since the hot months are coming and I added some items since the last grow.
    I started these plants from seed Jan 24 and I switched the lights on them April 1st.
    The nutrient line I'm using is Jungle Juice 3 part system with big bud cal mag Humboldts golden tree and over drive.
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  2. These were seeds that cake from my top shelf mystery cup so I really don't know what it is but it came from a good smoke.
    Picture 1 is Taylor she's been topped twice just because I could and her stalk beneath the pellets is curved in a circle because of excessive stretch in the beginning days. She's resting at a 450 ppm with minimal swing.

    Picture 2 stars Dana the sickly child but she's a fighter I've brought her back from near death 3 times in less than 3 months but she's still here. She detests nutrients and I have yet to break that ppm over 250 but she will learn to submit in due time lol.

    Picture 3 has my shining star in it Big Bertha. Bertha has been topped twice and looks nice and full given her age. She's been sitting at a nice ppm of 550 loving every moment of it. She's always happy and accepting and was the first plant of this grow I got dialed in. With all those tops she's going to be nice when she matures.

    Picture 4 has two plants in a 5 gallon because I suspect they are my twin BOYS. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt so I left them to the side to figure it out before they get evicted from my women only party.

    Last picture is just a collaboration picture for the record keeping. When they go to bed tonight I'll take better pictures with the flower light in you can't appreciate the color at all.
  3. Here's a quick update. I changed the room around a little set the plants on crates and raised the lights up so that it appears more organized in the room.
  4. I only started this grow to test the nutrients I chose and to reorganize my room to better fit my needs. By the end of this grow I will have figured out exactly how I want my next grow to conducted.
    I want to run 4 hybrid and 4 Indica plants under 2 400 watt hps/mh lights. If you check the picture above that's a general overview of the equipment I use as well as the nutrients I've finally settled on.

    I've used a screen numerous times so when I did this grow I didn't even test it because I know how and when I use it. On my HYPER GROW I will be using screens 2x2 for each plant to maximize my harvest. I'm truly going for 12 ounces a plant which would beat my current record of 9 ounces a plant average. I hoping bigger containers more air and more diverse nutrients will help me accomplish that goal.

    As for my nutrients Ive used advanced nutrients like of products for years without issue so I decided to stay with the brand and just add some additional products. Along with my list I also use golden tree by Humboldt's secret once in veg and once in flower.
  6. As for my room. I use a whole spare bedroom 12x8 or so. Completely sealed no light or air leaks. I vent the room one in from filtered vents near the floor and since heat rises I have 2 filtered vents that go out near the ceiling. I also have 2 homemade air conditioners sitting in the corners of the room. I like to keep it 75 in the day time and 70 at night in my room only because I like the color it gives my leaves. I've notice the colder the room the more purple my weed becomes and I'd prefer it not to be unless its strain related. So that's my personal sweet spot lol.
    I have 2 old box fans in the room as well just to keep the air circulating and to keep the plants themselves moving. My babies always look weepy if I don't keep a fan on them at all times.

    I also keep a radio in the room going for their amusement temperature and humidity monitor for multiple daily checking.

    I check ok my plants maybe 5 or 6 times a day just to be sure I don't have any equipment failures or unforeseen issues.

    I can say I'm not a master grower but I'm a woman in touch with my plants and I can grow a little lol.
  7. I took pictures with the lights out today.

    1461884419499.jpg 1461884423778.jpg 1461884428384.jpg 1461884435610.jpg 1461884444199.jpg 1461884450836.jpg
  8. Here's a little update pic just because I'm sitting in the grow room doing nothing lol. Temps sitting at 77° humidity is at 16%. Taylor is sitting at 710 ppm Tina sitting at 407 Bertha sitting at 1110 but I need to add water so its gonna be lower and Dana sitting at 606.

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  9. I realized last night I have some sever light leaks that happen around 7pm to 9pm everynight and I truly believe its taking a tole on the ladies. They aren't flowering as they should be this late in the game. They went into flower April 1st here we are May 13th and they look like
    they just started the flower cycle. Just disgraceful almost 6 weeks in. I fixed the leaks but since I have never had this issue before I'm not sure if I can Correct it properly or in time I should say.

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