Small amounts of media coverage?

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  1. So I have been searching around the major media sites and have fell short on finding much relevant information on what happened last night.  As most of you know Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. legalized the use of Marijuana.  Two more states plus our nations capital legalized marijuana, that's big fucking news if you ask me.  This news didn't make it on the front page of any of the major media outposts CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ect.  I'm talking about the websites they may have something planned for live TV but I dunno.  I don't know about you but I think that's bullshit. 

  2. To be honest I really don't care that much whether the news talks about it, my tv station in ATL had a small segment on it but at the end of the day I only care that it became legal in those states, not about the publicity it gets
  3. I saw reports this morning on the latest states to vote in legalization on FOX & MSNBC.
    The Prez is having a news conference @ 1:50 PM ET, I hope he comes out toking a fatty since it passed in DC. B)
  4. Most people honestly don't care. It really only seems to be the people that don't actually live in the states that care more.
  5. thank you! i'm like "holy moly this is actually happening!" and everyone is just like "meh...whatevs".
    it is big if you ask me. 
  6. No this is big and this has been going on for years in legal states. It's nothing new.

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  7. legalization is becoming less controversial.

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