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Small amount across state line..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scaryXklown, May 30, 2009.

  1. I'm visiting family out in vegas and I want to bring a small amount of weed (enough for one or two bowls, I will only be there for a day).

    Should I be ok taking that small amount across state line? Or should I just leave it and tough it out.

    First thread on GC BTW :) .So, sorry if it has been asked before
  2. Last time I checked we don't live in Nazi Germany, so there won't be checkpoints with an SS Officer saying 'Your paper's please' when you go from State to State. If you're driving across country I don't see the issue as long as you aren't smoking in your car and aren't doing stupid things like driving recklessly.

    If you're flying, just forget it. Federal drug trafficking charges are not something to take lightly.
  3. This, exactly. If you are driving and are at least somewhat intelligent, you will be free and clear. If you are flying and you try to bring shit, you're probably fucked, thanks to post 9/11 laws. Good luck.
  4. I go from the U.S. to Canada every few months because I have family there, I always bringsome weed there and always bring some back, As long as you don't do somthing to make them wnat to search your car, you should be fine.

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