Smaler pots = smaller plants???

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  1. I was thinking, i got a bunch of small pots around my house, and if i planted herb in them , would i get smaller plants or would they not produce buds because of fucked up roots?

  2. They would be fine for a while but eventually the roots would start bunching into each other and the plant becomes root-bound. Growth would definitely slow down and leaves would start yellowing. It would work for a while, but you would eventually need to repot them into a bigger pot. Pots are cheap, so it's not like it's a big deal :D
  3. thanks, how long do you think before the roots start bunching?
  4. Check out these beauties in small beer cups!

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  5. Damn
    Im growin outdoors though. Did you have to transplant them or did you just harvest them in that?
  6. They are started and harvested in those cups.
    The first two pics are almost ready to harvest, and in the bigger pic you can see the one in the back left is almost ready.
  7. deff gonna try that, how much did they yeild?
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    That is actually really cool :cool:

    ...but those plants are miniature :eek:

    They probably are root-bound in there, do you have to trim off a lot of yellowing leaves? (a sign of root-bound pants)

    I'm not sure, but I only keep my sprouts in "beer cups" for about a week or two.
  9. No yellow leaves.
    Just so were all on the same page, these are lowryders pictured.
    8-9 weeks from seed to harvest.

  10. I must admit...I'm impressed :cool:

    +rep man!
  11. what was your growing method when growing in those cups, how old are they, and how much did you get off of each plant?

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