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Smacking your children?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MaryJaneExpress, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. if one is a "dumb fucking kid" then it is the parents fault...and the child does not deserve to be physically harmed when it is not needed and plain ineffective at teaching them anything but fear. after a spanking no one walks away happier or learn anything. lessons must be taught to kids, not beaten into them.
    and indeed there are kids who have never been hit that end up fucked up, but that is the exception...those kids were already a fucked up mind and soul to begin with...and/or other life situations could bring this looking at the majority here not the no my point is not "moot" it is completely valid with a logical argument...unlike your mindless rant.
  2. Should probably go ahead and claim mental anguish for the all that terrible, awful abuse we went through.
  3. Perhaps a good old fashioned daily wake and bake starting at birth and continuing until the kids move out would work....
  4. Yes and when you are in court faces child endangerment charges you can tell the judge, "I told them no!!". :confused:
  5. The only thing mindless is someone like you telling me I was abused as a kid. Come the fuck on. :rolleyes:

  6. one 7 year old....never been hit and is honestly an angel.
  7. That's what I've been trying to tell my wife, but she'll have none of it...
  8. Yeah, after all why accept any responsibility for our own actions while we're at it. Good idea.

  9. far from a i said...have a seven year old.:rolleyes:
  10. Wow... then you're lucky man...

    My kids are like moneys in the wild.

    Do you have a daughter, or a son?

    My guess is it's a girl, right?
  11. So?

    I've seen kids raising kids.

    And so far you're behaving like one seeing as how you don't know anything about me and you're telling me my parents abused me and I'm going to end up in fights and in prison even though that somehow hasn't happened in the going on 30 years I've been alive.
  12. HEY NOW, we wont have any logic in this thread!
  13. Although you are accurate on this, she seems to be of the class of people that haven't learned that parenting and friendship are not the same thing. And since she seems to be of a younger set than you or I, perhaps we need to teach them instead of mocking them...even when they deserve it. Especially since they'll be raising up the next generation. Just a thought.
  14. In 5 years that angel is going to walk all over you. Heed my words. Now if there has not been a reason to spank, that's glorious. I never wanted to spank my children, only my wife or girlfriends. However when "talking" "reasoning" and "bribing" fail....
  15. I'm beginning to think SwichOne is a mother, not a father.
  16. I'm not opposed to spanking when young.
  17. I dunno. My mom "abused" me as much as my dad did.
  18. One of my newest best friends right here.

  19. simple. every time that two year old runs in the street you stop what you are doing go get him and put him in a designated time out spot for 5-10 minutes no matter how hard he pleads and begs..and if he refuses to sit still and run off continue to go get him and place him in the spot even if it takes hours until he stays for the time that you have in mind. at first it will be a struggle but if u absolutely do this every-time...and i mean EVERY TIME then the child mind learns that it is not worth running into the street for a second to have to go to the time out zone for an uncomfortable 10 minutes,.....whada ya know, problem solved for the long term without using pain.....this is only one method and is guaranteed to work. its not about reasoning with them..reasoning is never the answer, as you are the parent and you make the is about setting boundaries and keeping them. so no fear is not necessary...all that is needed is LOVE.
  20. If one believes in certain thing, and one is sure that one's belief is correct, then one should practice such belief.

    SwichOne believes spanking is not needed. Then she (if I may assume it's a she) must practice her belief by not spanking her kid.

    As for others, who believe spanking is necessary, they will have to spank their kids in the manner that they believe is correct.

    However, both types of parents are trying to do the same thing.

    Raising their kids as best as they can.

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