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Smacking your children?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MaryJaneExpress, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I'm sorry, but is there no difference between abuse and being spanked for being a dumb fucking kid to you?

    There are kids who have never been beat that are getting into fights and going to prison. Your point is moot.
  2. See now I have heard of that method and reasoning, however I was specifically told by CPS not not use an implement of any kind. Before that I always just used my hand because it was....well handy. They never cringe when I go to pat them on the back or the head, I'm sure in a truly abusive home they would. So your point is taken.
  3. Dude, no disrespect and I fully understand what you're saying here. However my wife was a cop in a jail years ago (Yeah she was a stoner cop :laughing:) Anyway the main reason she quit was because the guards beat the shit out of the prisoners and she refused to do so, so she said fuck it and left that shit behind.
  4. For many it is a black and white issue with no shades of grey.
  5. What's CPS?

    I'm guessing 'Child Protection Service' or something of that sort.

    And yes... I can see why you would hesitate to use a stick, coz... well, there might be a law against that. Or... it could be used against you in case you went to court.

    But in my country, which is Thailand, there's no such thing as CPS. Well, I'm sure there is a similar organization, but they're not that... active.

    As I've mentioned before, I have a bamboo stick.

    If I just grab it, they stop whatever it was they were doing wrong.
  6. Yeah... I hear you... I think many here are young and don't have kids, so may be it's hard for them to understand.
  7. The Force is strong in this one.
  8. Child Protective Services...
  9. Correct CPS is Child Protective Services.

    So you're from Thailand, ok now I TOTALLY understand and not in any disrespectful way. Yeah the culture difference is huge with discipline.

    Yeah grabbing something here and spanking them with it would get your children taken away.

    I too have a bamboo stick, although it's for "other" reasons....LOL!
  10. Got it. Thanks man.

    I'm actually Korean, but I live in Thailand, married to a Thai girl, and we have two Thai-Korean boys.

    The culture of discipline in Korea is much more harsh and physical than that of Thai. And Thai method is still more harsh than that of USA.

    So I guess you could say I come from the strongest end of 'spanking school'. Lol...

    Dude, I've been reading your posts in the past and I knew you were alright. I never thought otherwise.

    But when I read your 'scornful' and 'sarcastic' post, I had to clear that with you because, well, I feel I'm going to see a lot of your posts in the future.

  11. spanking and abusing are one in the assuming the spanking would have to be painful to have any effect, and any physical or verbal inflicted pain is abuse. there are different levels of abuse but it is abusive all the same... as ppl we should not be hurting our young...and teaching them with fear....we should be guiding them and their morals as well as their integrity.
  12. Yeah Western and Eastern discipline are 2 totally different things. Like I said, now I totally understand and I do apologize for how I came across. Taking in the culture differences it totally makes sense why you asked those questions.
    Sometimes it's hard to believe that we can communicate around the entire planet on a computer.
    Oh yeah I plan to be around for a long time. Right now I'm waiting for some funds I have been expecting to put together a grow closet and GC has the absolute best tech I have found on the internet. I've never grown before so I have a lot to learn. But I've read so much about it that I'm almost overloaded so right now I'm chilling in the other forums until that big ole check arrives.

  13. i never implied every child who was spanked is abused...but if the spanking was in any way painful which i assume all would have to be in order to be effective,,,then yes that is abuse. its just plain barbaric to use violence to teach a child in this age.
  14. How many kids do you have?
  15. Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind.
  16. :laughing:

    Okay, kid.

    Glad to know I was "abused" as a kid. I guess I should expect to get into fights and go to prison any time now.
  17. Guiding involves reasoning and understanding. Please tell me how do you make a two year old understand, do not run in the street, if they have their mind set on running into the street? Can't let them "learn the hard way" can you? I don't have kids but I've taken care of and help raised enough to know that sometimes a spanking is needed.

    I think if people are trying to reason with their children before they even have the capability to reason are not parenting to be completely honest. You are being a friend, and that is a bigger problem than spanking when neccesary.

    And fear is necessary, just as love is, and hope.
  18. Same here. I might as well go next door and beat the 82 year old man and nail his 85 year old wife so that the "statistics" are true. While I'm at it I'll knock over a 7-11 and do a car jacking.
  19. I've said it before, I'll say it again.

    It would be IDEAL not to spank your kids.

    But then it would mean

    1. The kids have to be angels.
    2. The parents have to be saints.

    And we don't have that many child angels and parent saints in the real world...
  20. You sternly tell them no and then after they still run into the street you stand by to call the paramedics because that kid was told dammit!

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