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Smacking your children?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MaryJaneExpress, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. But you do realize you lost any argument and made a moot point due to the area that is in bold right?

  2. Why? It's not like beat kids don't try even harder not to get caught because they're afraid of being beat. Kids are still going to be kids and do stupid things you don't want them to. lol
  3. I say that only for the reason that he began making his post sound like everything was all butterflies and flowers in a perfectly harmonious openness with his father, and then mentioned the deception as an after thought.

  4. I'll concede that I did read this thread from page 1-11, and the debate was indeed heated.

    However this is the difference between folks like politicians, and people like us who smoke weed. More concessions would be made in favor of progress rather than individual partisan advances if congress passed around the bong a few times before passing laws.
  5. my dad whould beat the crap out of me when i was 12 to 16 and that realy fuck me up and for a lot of dumb shit that wasnt even my fault(he drinks alot and used to do cocain in the 90)
    he stoped when i started mma and won a tornament
    i will never hit my kids when i have any or let anyone hurt them for that matter
  6. I support popping them on the hands for getting into stuff if you say not to, and if my son slaps my face I pop him on the face. (not hard) but he gets the point and walks off and stops.
  7. My dad had a wooden paddle, and one day after getting in trouble at school he took me out to the garage, made me mark where I wanted to put holes in it with a drill bit, then he drilled the holes and whooped my ass with it.
  8. If I had kids, they'd be the last people in the world I'd ever hit for any reason

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