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Smackems Journal

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Substratedestroyer, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. smackem looking good bro! i think you should plant those badboys in the ground! just my 2 bits though good luck !!+rep
  2. i wish i could find a place outside but this weather where i live is QUITE rough and there are no goods spots around my area if so believe me i would much rather grow outside in the comfert of my own backyard
  3. Flowering Day 5
    Well today i went into my room to check out how the buds were and stuff i did not get a chance to go in there yesterday but my partnerdid and ive been using this BLOOM bust stuff its 15-68-15 i think and my god i went in and all my plants have a shitload of white hairs :) little ones popping out im so happy to find out all of them are Females just updating ill be posting pictures again on the 7th day of flowering
  4. Flowering Day 7
    so its been 1 week now for my babies to be flowring :) im loving it theres tons of little white hairs coming off pretty much all the branches here are a few pics my cam is not good enough to get a close up of the white hairs i gotta get a new cam or something when i get close the light on the cam always changes but here is wha tthey look like
    look at where i circled in the red you can see a big clump of white hairs sticking up on that plant the others are WAY bushier then that one so its growing and flowing faster i reckon
    just them again ilove them with all my heart
    my little babies they are not really growing much i dont know whymaybe cuz the hood was on starving them of fresh oxygen so i solved that problem today but cutting holes in the top of the dome i odntk now if thats a smart idea or not but i did and i sprayed the leafs the leafs were not sprayed yesterday no were they given fresh oxygen cuz my partner is a lazy bastered
    them again
    my beautiful room and a few clear buckets of water to help humidity perposes itso nly 40 % humidity in there wooo but its mighty hot around the room
  5. Good job on having all girls. Now just make sure to keep everything nice and perfect for them and they'll treat you right. Another week and they're going to be getting very hairy.
  6. Flower Day 8
    well today i went to my little home on the prary to check up on my bitches again i reallY wantedto see if my clones rooted i have never checked and i wanted to try to get a picture of some of the white hairs forming i succeeded in both :) here we go hope you enjoy as much as i do
    First time i ever pulled it away form the others they were all in clumps before but i dont know why it looks beautiful when not smoshed with the other plants :) love it!
    i took this picture to try to show white hairs but nothign came from it but an odd werid picture i like it looks good
    OH WOW love it!! one of my clones is showing HEAVY rooting!!! today i gave all my clones a LITTLE dosage of vitamins :) to help them along lets hope i did not kill them as i know your not suposed to
    i did something odd i spreaded them all apart form eachother to hopefully give all the foliage light they all look so good i had to support one of them by a telapohne cord
    just another picture to show their size
  7. well this is where i finally get a picture of some of my white hairs
    WOOOOOO inlarge this one look where i circled that shows white hairs on my babies!! yhatzee!!!
    they are quite the bushie little bitches eh?

    OOOH meh meh look at them beautiful!
  8. Dude, those are turning into some indoor trees right there. If I were you though I'd wrap some duct tape around your buckets. All that light getting to the roots might cause root rot, that would definately suck balls.
  9. DUDE!!!!!!!!

  10. 1 plant is 2 feet tall, and the other is 2.5 feet tall. They are 60 days old. Thanks for your +rep. Also I have 2 gallon pots. I will be upgrading to bigger pots on my next grow though.

    How old are your plants?
  11. ONE OF MY PLANTS HERMED ON ME!!! i tore that little pos out of my garden RIGHT when i saw it it made me so mad lol im going ot let it dry and try to get a little bit of hash out of it or something cant let it go ot waste and WILL MY CLONES OF THE PLANT GO HERM TOOOOOOO??? if so ill throw them away tomorrow just wanna know? i know they are exact dna replicas but yeah just let me know sorry if its a stupid question....

    and i dont know how old my plants are just know they are over 2 months old and they are like a week or a little more into flowering
  12. FLower Day 12
    Well if you have been reading youll see im one plant short :( one hermed on me so i tore the sob out of the garden so im left with 4 BEAUTIFUL females that are doing quite well i had to give the ma rest from my nutes cuz they started to get a build up of a sort in the roots form too much ferts but i gae them 3 days plane water and they look good now but here aer the pics ALL THE PICS WERE TAKEN YESTERDAY
    one with not flash of my beautiful little plant :)
    one with flash so you can see the white little hairs
    long shot of my plants so yo ucan see my lights and how they look
    overhead view of my plants so you can see how they look they are lookin good
  13. Flowering Day 15
    ok look at my shit its TIGHT now i actually got my camera to focus a little bit i planted my clones in soil and i bought a squirrel cage fan for my room ill be installing that tomorrow raised my light a little bit and took a close up of my white hairs :) enjoy and comment please!!! COMMENT!!!!!
    There are my baby clones FRESHLY potted today they look beautiful :)
    WOW my camera actually focused for a second not the best pic but shoes my plant gots hairs!!!!!
    theres all my babies they are getting bushy and big its looking mighty fine :)
    trying ot take another picture of white hairs!

    and ill be deviding my room up and putting 2 squirrel cage fans in there shortly
  14. You plants are doing excellent, what can I say. They look :yummy:
    Certainly you got 'the hang' of growing allright! +rep

    Key to making good close up pictures are :

    a. proper light. I have a hard time myself making close up pics with artificial light, its the 50 Hz flicker I guess combined with low light intensity compared to the sun. Daylight rules for this. My plants only see the sun when I make pics of them. Short shutter-times rule!

    b. make multiple pictures at various distances of the same thing. Try with flash and without. Sort it out on your computer, then you don't have to post anymore blurry pictures.


  15. I agree.
    This kid sure has a green thumb.
  16. OK well today FINALLY i got my room seperated !!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO i got 9 feet long on both sides 4 feet wide on both sides :) i bought 2 squirrel cage fans for both sides of the room one will be using about 700 watts of new wave t5 floresents :) and the other is a 1000 watt hps so basically im going to be doing some damn big projects time to start germinating my seeds now that i have a room for veg :) I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!! oh and by the way the plants look so beautiful i cant figure out why the leafs on one plant are getting really crispy and stuff they loook burnt so i flushed the plants im jsut giving them regular water for a while i think theres an acidic build up so im going to let them use the nutes tahts left in the pots :) pictures will be up by friday i want to show a big change and i gave them some flower BLOOM im going ot be mixing in some of this other stuff called SWEETAner its going to make them sweet some how and this other stuff that does something else :) have a good day all thanks for reading
  17. Damn man those plants look awesome, can't wait til I can grow inside.

    Those fluoros sound killer btw. Heres some rep+ maybe it'll give ya some luck-not that you need it.
  18. Flower Day 18
    Nah thanks for the luck we all always need luck but today i did nothing really so heres the pics of my new setup and stuff
    OK well here is the newly built room devider :) its a double sided black tarp wall the wall you can see is velcrowed to the wall on the right seide the left side is nailed down so it acts like a welcrow door :)
    some pics of my plants
    anotehr pic of my plants
    another pic of the plants
    and another pic i like all these cause you can see the buds and stuff
  19. for got my babies
    They are doing good i transplanted them or not really transplante but planted them into the black pots 5 by 5's and yeah they are doin quite well i have 2 fans blowing on them and thel ight 24/7 so we are all good :)
  20. Great Job Smackem!!

    I think our grows occured at the same time. My plants are looking just like yours. Although, I'm not cloning.

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