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  1. ok. this is a question worthy of a smack, but is there any way that weed makes you loose weight? i mean i know you get mad munchies sometimes...but is there any chance otherwise?
  2. it all really depends. The rumors about weed slowing your metabolism are just that..rumors...and some people can sit and eat a tub of ice cream while stoned..but if you're the type ofperson who can be stoned and do alot of physical work(clean up the house etc.) then yeah I guess it could...but if you wanna lose weight..I'd suggest eating less, and exercising
  3. lol. if you can't come home stoned and have to walk from friend's house to friend's house all day you could loose weight. that's what used to happen to me. lost about 15lbs in 4 months.
  4. i just ate a lot of damned hog heaven with chocolate swirl and chocolate chunks and chocolate peanutbutter lil thingies, anywho i took a big ass chunk of the chocolate out (im fucking ripped still) and i bit down to break the chocolate and eat it, and it fucking stabs a mother fucking bleeding hole in the roof of my mouth, sonofabitch mother fucker it hurts!!..and tastes ..nasty
  5. yeah but...did you keep eating the icecream?
  6. I have lost weight, even though I am a daily toker.....

    We have munchies in the house.... but, I have taught my mind and body not to responde to the DEMAND for munchies after smoking.... and I find that my high actually lasts a little longer.....

    Once or twice was all it took for me to learn to quiet that scream for Hersey's Chocolate.... :)

    Here is the one diet tip from LaLa......
    eat anything you want.... just limit HOW much you eat.... instead of the 4 pieces of pizza that you usually scarf down... take one, eat it slowly.... then if you are still hungry, have another piece, again remember to EAT SLOWLY..... it takes 20 minutes for the body to recognize the feeling of a full stomach....

    Hope this helps!

  7. most people who feel hungry are actually just dehydrated, but they cant tell the difference between hunger and thirst. So the next time you're hungry, drink a big glass of ice water, not only will it get rid of most of your hunger,but your stomach will feel full, and your body has to burn about 150 calories just to warm the water back to body temperature.

    and since celery only has like five calories, it takes more calories just to chew it, so you actually burn calories plus fill your stomach.

    and if all else fails...LYPO
  8. I HAD A FUCKING BLEEDING HOLE IN THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH...hell yeah i finished eating my ice cream i just ate with the side of my mouth and avoided chunks:D
  9. lol atta boy norm

  10. The water thing is right on, NuBBiN!!!!! The thirst mechanism is so weak that people mistake it for hungar and mild dehydration can slow down a persons metabolism by at least 3%.

    The thing about drinking water that may help us out in defending the cons of marijuana is that just a 2% drop in body water can cause fuzzy short term memory loss. Maybe, it's not the weed after all, Bud Head!!! We're all just thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i lost 30 lbs following the hungry confused with thirst thing...or was it cuz i walked 9 holes of golf everyday..and then went and partied and forgot to eat...hmm....i think it was the confusion thing....NO, IT WAS THE SPLEEN!!...spleen is the diet food of zeus!
  12. Yeah..I lost around 15 lbs this summer..but mainly because my days consist of sleeping in until about two in the afternoon, waking up and eating oatmeal (I love must die if you dont like the oats) and then I usually go out with friends until midnight and then come home and stay on the computer until about 1 or 2 in the morning..and thanks to my unique job I only work on saturdays (even though its hard physical labor that starts at 5 in the morning and ends around 9 pm..its the best damn job).... you can see, my life is just one fun filled adventure after another...
  13. i like oatmeal straight out of the lil baggie...or, pour a lil milk into the pouch..mmmm mmmm...stoner food!!:D:D
  14. ARRRGGGHHH namron!...not that bitch ass peaches N cream cereal shit!....HAVE SOME DIGNITY FOR GODS SAKE!.....We're talking quaker oats 100% natural whole grain oats baby. High quality cholesterol bustin shit.

    -Two cups oats
    -one cup milk
    -one cup water
    -two table spoons brown sugar
    -a dab of honey
    -and a pinch of love

    mix all, microwave until warm and enjoy!... its like plucking a cloud from the heavens and savoring it in your mortal mouth...MMMBOY
  15. you forgot the space in MMMBOY

  17. OH GOD YOU KNOW MY prolly have a name like....nibbun or something.....or..or....i bet your name is roger, or ted, or somethin like that...hahahaha

    *trekking to plants*...bbl:D...bout 2 foot tall is only about 5 inches tho..i shall return:D
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