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  1. Helloooo :)
    Here's a brief intro:

    I'm 20.
    I'm a student at a big university in Nebraska.
    I've lived here my whole life.
    I work a couple of jobs, and I'm going to graduate school in 2014.
    One job I work is I'm a DJ. I DJ everything from hip-hop, to dubstep/house. I made my own music and have been featured on,, etc.
    I drive a 2007 Subaru WRX STi
    I'm engaged as of St. Patty's day.
    I enjoy playing video games, driving around, kicking it, listening to music, and cooking.
    My favorite sport is soccer. I think it's the most beautiful game in the world honestly.
    My team is Arsenal FC.
    If anyone is a soccer fan, I can talk soccer for hours so please, let's talk :)
    I also travel the US playing Division 2 paintball in the PSP paintball circuit, I'm a sponsored player.

    Let's get to know each other!
    GC all day.
  2. we both have ghost in our username...sup?
  3. Hey man!
    Not a lot, JETLIFE at work right now /:
    How about yourself?
  4. fadin' fast here man, welcome to the forum :D
  5. I'm jealous man.
    My manager is down with letting me go out for the occasional chillum bowl. It's getting about that time...hahahah!

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