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  1. So my seedling either has thrips or fungus gnats so I bought what my local grow shop recommended: SM 90.

    I diluted 1 part SM90 to 5 parts water then tested the ph and adjusted. The directions say: "in foliar sprays: may be repeated every 3 days for up to 3 spray applications." Does this mean I can use it once every 3 days but only 3 times in total?? Or 3x per day every 3 days?

    Also how should I be spraying it? I have a little 2 week seedling. My spray bottle wasn't making a fine mist so I kinda ended up just putting drops of the solution on the leaves and in the soil. I'm not sure how much to use! Please help I don't want to kill my baby!
  2. I don't know anything about that spray but if its fungus gnats then it sounds like you might be watering too much or the soil needs something to make it not retain as much water like perlite. If its gnats you can let the soil dry out in between waterings to prevent them from happening. They live in the top 2 in. Or so of soil and thrive in really wet soil. You can dilute about 2 table spoons of dish soap in a spray bottle of water and spray the leaves and top soil. Do it lightly and repeat every 3 days or so if its working till they are gone. I think its a little safer on your babies. Don't let them get too wet and soggy. My thoughts. Good luck

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