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  1. So my seedling either has thrips or fungus gnats so I bought what my local grow shop recommended: SM 90.

    I diluted 1 part SM90 to 5 parts water then tested the ph and adjusted. The directions say: "in foliar sprays: may be repeated every 3 days for up to 3 spray applications." Does this mean I can use it once every 3 days but only 3 times in total?? Or 3x per day every 3 days?

    Also how should I be spraying it? I have a little 2 week seedling. My spray bottle wasn't making a fine mist so I kinda ended up just putting drops of the solution on the leaves and in the soil. I'm not sure how much to use! Please help I don't want to kill my baby!
  2. Use Neem oil to address the gnats... Not sure what SM90 is so I cannot weigh in on that. So for myself, I'd get Neem oil and sleep better knowing I wasn't harming seedling.
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    I would be nervous being kinda new and neeming the seedling. Could easily microwave the amount of soil you need, kill everything off and transplant into now sterile soil. But transplants are tough too. Wiegh your options and go for the best/safest for you, or live on the edge, sm90 them, then neem, then transplant into sterile soil =)

    With most pest managements i would guess, right when lights go off, spray leaf tops/bottoms, stems. 3 days later repeat. But 3 days later you should really use a different type of pest management to help avoid the pest building immunities.

    Best of luck
  4. Monterey garden spray with spinodsad for any thrip's not a poison. It's a bacteria that targets the insects.
    For fungus gnats let your medium dry out between watering. Put some yellow sticky traps in your room.

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