SLX denatured Alcohol QWISO Safety?

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  1. Is SLX denatured Alcohol safe to use as long as you get above the temp of the keytones?

    I worry about contaminates, I think I'm safe but that's a uneducated guess.

    Any information would be great.
  2. Denatured alcohol is poisonous. Do not use this if ur going to consume the product
  3. well it's msds says that it contains 1-4% methyl isobutyl ketone, which has a boiling point of 248F.

    so you can boil this off in the oven or over a hot oil bath. however, staying at this temperature for over 15 minutes will severely degrade your thc... so spread the oil out thin and do it fast!
  4. Ok, Usually I put it all spread out in the oven at 250 till after the simmering stops. Then I let it sit for quite a while; how long do you go after the simmering stops? I wan't to consume a safe product. I am a construction worker gone computer technician; I'm working on writing oil procedure's.:hello:

  5. idk how long to go after simmering stops, I have never used denatured alcohol, only isopropyl.

    supposedly if you have a vacuum pump, you can lower the boiling point of the ketones by lowering the atmospheric pressure. this would create a larger window for you to get all the nasties out.

    if the ketone is water-soluble, maybe it could also be moved from the extract using a nonpolar/polar wash (edit: it isn't)

  6. Interesting thought :cool:; lowering the boilpoint of ketones with vaccuum. I want to use this slx because it's $15-$16 on the gallon at home depot. Has anyone had their extractions checked after using SLX :confused:? Were do you all get you ISO and how much are you spending:rolleyes:; can it be obtained online for a decent price?:wave:
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    Isopropyl Alcohol should be found at almost all grocery stores. Try your local supermarket, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, they all have it in quart sizes. Comes in 70% and 91% usually, I bought a quart of the 91% from target for under $4. It is supposed to be the easiest solvent to acquire.

    Acetone would be a preferable solvent to denatured alcohol as well, because it is also $16/gallon at home depot. The 'Klean-Strip' brand they sell is 100%. Dries much faster than isopropyl, and leaves nothing behind like denatured alcohol. Can also be used to freeze-precipitate the waxes out of the resulting oil, like ethanol. Unfortunately I can't stand the fumes when experimenting with it, so I will not buy another when this gallon runs out.

    Solvents will always be more costly online because of their weight. Unless you're buying in bulk, like a 55gallon barrel. For example, I can't find a gallon of acetone for less than $40 on ebay.

    btw I checked out your grow journal, I was blown away. Never completed a full grow myself, both attempts were thwarted by my parents! If you have alot of material like this, you can cut your solvent use in half by dividing your weed into two containers, using the solvent from the first container's wash to wash the material in the second container.
  8. I have an outdoor grow with a 100 gallon gravity feed irrigation; the plants are 8 ft tall right now:eek:, same strain; in fact same genetics period. Biggest plant's I have ever grown and It's all setup to be ultra low maintenance.

    I need to shop around more. I guess with buying by the quart may not be to bad, but does it taste the solvent at all?

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