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  1. SlutWalk Toronto | BECAUSE WE'VE HAD ENOUGH

    ^ a little info on the subject.

    if you do not follow the link, the protest is basically to end blaming victims for sexual assaults. the protests started from a cop saying that women should prevent getting sexually assaulted by avoiding dressing like a slut. the exact quote can be found on the website.

    debate: what do you think of the protest? and do you think hundreds of women dressing like sluts and marching down streets is an effective protest for the issue?

    i was asked to join in a slutwalk in my area and i will walk for the sake of ending the blaming of victims, but i do not support the idea of dressing like whores and will not be dressing that way myself. while it is not reason to rape, i do not think that dressing like a whore should be supported in this way
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    meh, guys just need some self control

    although IN A WAY they sorta are asking for it (half kidding) :p

    need womenz to dress MOAR SLUTTY
  3. As a man I can go out dressed however I want.

    women should do the same.

    Slut walk all the way!
  4. Yeah, the dressing up is over the top...imo it takes away from the meaning of the protest...just like the gay pride events where the MSM only focus on the most flamboyant participants, just portraying it as a freak show....
  5. You'd be pushing your luck if you thought that wearing a provocative style of clothing isnt going to get yourself unwanted attention, and knowing that its not safe. --But of course it is such crap to blame the girls in the end when someone treats them as a dumb violent animal would.
  6. i like what it stands for but i don't think we should promote being a slut.
  7. you know what also prevents sexual assault? learning some kind of self defense. also not dressing like a slut.
  8. i dont condone dressing like a whore and i dont like that the protest basically says there is nothing wrong with dressing that way and almost glorifies it, BUT

    i think it is fucked up that a cop was saying that women shouldnt "dress like sluts" if they dont want to get raped. a woman should expect certain attention and comments (positive and negative) when dressing a certain way, but i dont think it justifies RAPE
  9. What manner of saucy debauchery is this?

  10. Stumbling across this thread and reply is just perfect seeing as I literally just finished this video less than an hour ago

    [ame=]Slutwalk 2011 - A Dose of Buckley - YouTube[/ame]
  11. just a bunch of dumb sluts who try to blame someone other then themselfs for the reason.if women wouldnt dress like sluts around guys in the first place,maybe there would be less sexual assaults
  12. i like the cause but i don't like the execution of their protest.
  13. We should be free to do as we want. But we can't,too many factors too add in. We can only control ourselves,we cannot control anyone else. Lady gaga likes to wear dress made of meat....but I doubt she would wear it to go camping....since it would attract the wrong kind of attention.
    In nature,every creature has a mating call and way of attracting mates whether it's pheromones,body language or looks. If your dressing like a slut, be prepared for some attention. Rape is wrong,but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Be prepared carry pepper spray, go out in groups of people you trust.
  14. I like slutty girls it puts blood in my dixk. Am I right or am I right
  15. If you want to be a slut be a slut. Unattractive people get raped all the time and so do children. I would think you couldn't blame rape on anything other than the sick fucks who do it.

    As far as the walk I agree it's probably just a bunch of people wanting attention and marching around for nothing.
  16. I don't care about their flawed logic, look at the bigger picture.

    Soon there will be a mass of sluts walking through a town near you.

  17. They're not the good kind of sluts though; they're the feminazi type that will gouge your eyes out if you look at them anywhere else but their eyes.
  18. ^ You wouldn't want to look at them in the first place.
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    Yeah I saw some pictures of the one they did awhile back and none of the women were even good looking, there was this one chick who was like 250 pounds and wearing nothing but tape. That shit should be illegal :laughing:

    But it's all based on a false assumption that rape is based on sexual attraction, it really isn't, it's just another form of violence that satisfies a different kind of urge for a certain psyche. 80 year old women get raped, the thought process behind it isn't "oh god that woman is so hot I just can't control myself".

    What's really fucked up is a drunk guy can have sex with a drunk girl and the guy can get charged with rape afterwards if the girl chooses to press charges. I hate this subjective, expansive definition of rape. Same with "sexual harassment", a guy can get charged with that simply for making sexual advances.

  20. Listen to the video I posted, this point is covered pretty well.

    I agree with your last paragraph though. I also find it amusing feminists aren't pointing out the sexism in THAT; the obvious sexism against the male and the implied sexism against the female. Basically what the law says that a man is capable of forming conscious, coherent thoughts while under the influence of alcohol and therefore must be punished, and a woman isn't capable of doing the same. The law pretty much says the thought process of a man is superior to a woman, and that my friends IS sexist.

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