Slurry tested in at 7.8

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  1. Just did a slurry test. Runoff last night was 6.5?? Did a light flush last night with 2 gal. Growing in a 5 gal pot. She's 12 days into flower and she's definitely showing signs of needing fed. Just seeing where I need to go from here. First plant I've ever grown from seed that has turned out good for once. I have ph pen pH up/down calmag and Bloom nutes. Anything else I need to be doing?
  2. well a picture is worth a thousand words if she is showing signs of needing fed but yet you chose to do a "light Flush" what was the purpose or reasoning to flush? 6.5 is a good number try a tablespoon of molasses if you want to with the next feeding thats what i do
  3. Trying to get tbe pH to read below 7. Did a cheap soil test and it read 8.5 or higher. So I did light flush with 6 pH water and runoff was 6.5 but did a slurry test yesterday and pH of soil read 7.8

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  4. i see your problem maybe try epsoma soil acidifier as a topdress but she looks hungry and at 7.8 she cant uptake much food

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