Slumdog Stars Still Living in Poverty

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  1. The rags-to-riches love story, 'Slumdog Millionaire', may have cleaned up at this year's Oscars, but its child stars continue to live in poverty back home.

    Slumdog Stars Still Living in Poverty


  2. wah wah wah, who cares, billions of other people just like those kids, just because they were in some movie we should care? fuck that shit.
  3. I guess you did not see the movie. . .

    That little kid is real funny and it sucks balls that he is living in a shack
  4. Wow that sucks, I might watch that movie tomorrow
  5. [ame=""]YouTube - What Slumdog Millionaire can teach us about economic stimulus[/ame]
  6. Rags to riches is true. Surely hollywood is going to cast him in some more movies so he'll be rich in no time... Hopefully.

    And Sean Penn? :eek: Really!? C'mon, where's the love for Micky?
  7. I believe I read that they will get paid once they turn 16 and they have stayed in school.
  8. You should care either way since you live a luxurious life of greed compared to the gigantic population of the world that is plagued by poverty.

    You are only feeding the stereotype that most countries think of Americans as insular ignoramuses.
  9. Yeah I watched the Oscars last night and saw they won 8 of those, that's amazing for a small film like that.

    About to preview the screener before I have class today..
  10. you're a brutal motherfucker man, kudos
  11. The little kid in the clip is the best!

    They made him jump in poop!

    - That kid lives in a whole in a wall!
  12. Great movie, would highly recommend it. Its sad seeing people live like that, but there are so many that do.
  13. i dont know about you guys but if i didnt go out and bust my ass every day on the job i would live in a shack just like that, honestly do you think they would feel sorry for you if it was flipped around
  14. Many of "them" DO feel sorry for us, but for reasons you'll probably never understand. As Americans, we have such a warped perspective on this.

    We look at them and think they have nothing, when in reality, many of them have so much more then we could ever imagine. When you live with your family of 6 in one room, you build relationships with them that we just don't have here in the US. Their entire lives revolve around their families and their neighbors and friends. Our entire lives revolve around our cars and our houses, and what we have and don't have. They think our lives are pretty fucking sad too.

    Land values in Mumbai are so high that developers are trying to buy the slum land up and move slum dwellers in to brand new high rise apartments within the city. THEY DON'T WANT TO GO. Many who did leave, came back to the slums. Many of them felt the high rise apartments were lonely and didn't have the same sense of community that they experienced living in the slum.
  15. Wow I can't even believe they would rather live in shitty little shacks than an apartment. You just crushed my sympathy for them lol.

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