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  1. i was just wondering, i got a few plants growing indoors and in their pots i found a baby slug... i got rid of that lil bastard but was wondering how he got inside my house and into my pot. is it possible that the soil i bought, came with a slug in it?
  2. i duno, but slugs suck, they have no life, but to be slimy and do nothing... i hate em

    its cool next slug u find, sprinkle salt on him, haha he shrivles up and dies
  3. Well, did u bring the pot your using in from outside?

    it COULD have came in the soil but i doubt it... weird situation.

    "Copper strips that extend an inch or more below and above the soil line will keep out slugs and snails. The copper band generates an electrical charge that is large enough to deter slugs.
    Make sure you inspect perimeters daily, remove any leaves or branches over the copper band as snails and slugs will use this material for a bridge to cross the copper."


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