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  1. well they hit one of my babies hard... i found 3 banana slugs on her, and almost the entirety of some leaves eaten. i need these fuckers gone!




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    If you got slug problems there are a number of things that are effective vs's slugs....

    Beer - works really well, put a cup of beer next to your plant or plants and the slugs are drawn to the beer. The slugs dive in the cup of beer, and there happy cause there drunk and your happy cause there drunk and drowned.

    Egg shells- works good to, but you need an almost wall of shells completely around the plant....cause they will find openings even thru the shells....

    Perlite or vermiculite, both work, but perlite is better.....just cover around the plants diameter, 6 to 10 inch's great and lasts.

    coffee grinds, make sure the coffee grinds are already used...

    hope that helps.....
  3. after they destroyed 20+ of young plants I had no other choice than to spread poision everywhere.

    I hope the replacements will have survived the week!

    This poison is called "slug pellets", and it is commonly available, even large supermarkets may have it during the season.

    And I have read, wrapping tin foil around the stem would be helpful as well.

    Damn! They have set back my grow op by a whole month, not to speak the extra money, and extra efforts.

    I wanted 50+ plants, was dreaming of 100, now I can be happy if just 5 to 10 plants are getting through. Well, well, have nearly 20 young plants at home, and 16 new seeds started up on the weekend.

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