slowly getting worse

Discussion in 'General' started by Spark It29, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Its as if my life is slowly getting worse and worse. I can't figure out how to get out of this rut. Just sitting around all day doing nothing. fuck my life.. peace
  2. Go do something besides smoking weed. Life isnt all that bad when you're sober.
  3. hit the gym
  4. You have too clear your mind and step outside the box, mayb start ovr (reboot):smoking:
  5. Im pretty much feeling the same way as you op..
  6. i know how u feel. We gotta migrate to washington/colorado to start the growing business.
  7. buy marijuana and smoke it

  8. i wish i could.

    broke at the moment

  9. Smoke.

    But yeah, been in your situation. Shit will get better.
  10. could be worse

    you could have a beiber cd on repeat
  11. Felt this way too man for a good while. You know what helped? Friends, family, and just getting out a little. Take a walk for 30 minutes, listen to some of your music, and socialize. Figure out what's wrong and try and fix it. Easier said then done but set goals man! It may suck but strive to make it better!
  12. Today, I've meant to be looking for future career options, trying to find a potentially affordable and exciting new place to move to, writing an idea for a TV show I've been thinking about for ages, develop ideas for lyrics and a unique musical direction I might be able to work with my friend on, or undergo a vigorous new year's exercise regime.

    Today, I watched Community and smoked weed.
  13. I feel your pain brotha.
  14. At least you know in your heart your a cool muthafucka.
  15. I honestly wouldn't mind living in the real grasscity. We just need more females to go around
  16. This and eat healthy. Take care of your body and mind.
  17. Three or four girls will come for a lil buddd
  18. Lets all live in the same city/town one day

  19. What a beautiful idea :)
  20. i sit on my ass all day doing nothing to man. All ive been doing is applying for jobs everywhere.

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