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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by slowhand04, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Whats up grasscity, just posting my grow for the year. This is a second batch of two plants but my first year as a grower. My first attempt at growing went completly sideways which i will tell you about now... The first seeds i started around march i had growing indoors until they were as big as these new ones but out of the fifteen seeds i planted indoors only three survived because of i was forced to keep them in secrecy and the container they were growing in did not have sufficient air flow and they most likely died of the heat from the flourescent bulbs. But the ones that did survive we (this is a colaboration bw me and a few friends) moved them outdoors to what we thought was a secure spot in the woods with light from sun up and sundown and for a few months they were growing exponentially. The first set of pictures is of the first timers.

    Started mid march


    Btw these things are like a month and a half after breaking ground, mines a fucking beast

    RIP :(

    The spot ran near powerlines a sewer artery and a healthy creek which supplied nutrient rich h2o. Even with the powerlines and the sewer it was a good spot, the only large patch of undeveloped woods in my area but still. One evening we all decided to go and smoke among the plants (highly recommended) but as were treading through the creek, the only way to access the plants, we see a couple knocked down trees and wonder "wtf" and thinking of the plants my heart sinks. Me and my friends have our own plants at this plot but when we get to them of the four only three remain, mine the largest and the most prosperous is gone, vanished, ganked without a trace. Instead of woods all among our herb, there is just complete destruction. All along the sewer line(i know its a sewer line bc of the string of sewer caps every 100yds) the forest had been completely run down, everything just knock over and erradicated; i found out later the company who owns the land does this every four years or so. Lets just say i was pissed, now i dont want any harm to come to my friends plant but if mines gone i wanted at least theres to be gone too. Misery loves company.

    After coming to terms with the loss we had to move the surviving ganja immediately but since they were 2ft~ tall and in 5gal buckets there wasnt very far we could go but we found a temporary spot in a swampy area amongst the reeds and cattails but the problem with this spot was it was too close to a few homes but we didnt have any other options atm. A few weeks later the remaining plants were doing well(i had stuck around for the growing process just for entertainment/love for the herb) but i had began to become anxious of the looming threat of nearby homes and too many unknowns but i didnt have a plant to move anymore. Sure enough a fews days later my associate went to check on our investment only to find they had been rooted and pulled from their soily domain. Whoever the perpetrator was unscrewed the insect reppelant and poured it all into one of the 5gal buckets, this was overkill.

    The entire first experience of growing deffinetly teaches you the ins and outs of the trade and id be lying if i said i didnt have doubts of our success on our first grow but this is round two ladies and gentlemen and i intend to keep these from seed to bud. Here are the pics of the the new batch only two bagseed, pray for me one is female but even if i never see a single nug from this whole experience i still gain a lot of satisfaction every time i see my plant growing a little more each day. I will try to keep this grow journal up to date, i just got a new computer so keeping everything organized should be easier.

    Started mid July....


    Any feedback would be appreciated and if anyone knows what strains these might be please say.
  2. Sorry dude but its next to impossible to tell what strain your growing. Nice job so far man keep it going.
  3. Thanks for the replay green first. Any suggestions for the fertilizer i should start giving em'?
  4. anything high in nitrogen. I use epsoma dried blood which is 12-0-0 My plants are starting to flower so im switch over to super phosphate which is 0-20-0 ans better for promoteing flowering. the biggest plant you have could get a 1/2 dose of nutes in the next week or so
  5. another two weeks passed and my babies have been in ground for a while now. ive been giving them dynamite plant food and tomato fertilizer in their water.

    Can anyone help me determine teh sex of the plant?



  6. the last pic you have is exactly what my plants are doing they look exactly like that is that a sign of female plant?
  7. that last pic loooks like a girl to me!
  8. I dont see any signs of the sex yet
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    Hey SLowhand,<o:p></o:p>
    Today is what Aug 10, so in my case I’m starting to use budding fertilizer today or tonight whichever. You may want start giving them budding ferts 1 to 2 weeks before they start budding.

    You have many options on fertilizer you can go organic or chemical in your case now I would say its better to go chemical (plus that’s what I prefer), because the plants are already in the ground. I only use Heavy Harvest because its one of the only time released ferts out there that does the job right for your MJ and its design with that purpose. Where as alot of other ferts out there are designed not for MJ but for something else I.E tomatoes, corn whatever. Don’t get me wrong anything you use is better than nothing, but I‘ve always had the best results with HH and I’ve tried alot of various ferts both organic and chemo. If you can't get HH, which it’s not easy use any of these alternates;

    1. Miracle grow and easy ....but you have to fert once a week with this.
    2. Bat guano.......good overall for both veg and budding (fast acting)......can be expensive depends where you live, also you need lots if you go this way.

  10. another weeks gone by and heres the progress. i think the larger plant is female and the other male but not 100% on the smaller plant, i need a second opinion.

    Im using bloom booster fertilizer.



  11. yeah that last one is female for sure
  12. They both look like girls to me. Congrats :)
  13. ok another couple weeks have gone by and the heat and drought have been harsh but ive been giving them a more than sufficient amount of water and loading it with fertilizers (only the finest inorganic chemicals ;) ) and theyve just cant get anough of them! My friend started his plants the same time as me and his seedlings cower beneath the canopy of my lush botanic hypnotic bubonic chronic. word.

    pic of plot, female is the farther and larger!

    ferts are still bloom booster, i also buried two gallons of water next to it with tiny needle sized holes in the caps so they drip about 1 drop + every second. i also spread around peat moss beneath the bottles and aroudn the plot to hopefully capture rainwater if we ever have any. I say it because after finding one of the plants to be deffinetly male i uprooted and pulled it out of the ground, i didnt have the heart to kill something i put so much effort into so i stuck it in a hole in the ground and covered it with some dirt, if its the strong plant i raised it should have the will to survive.

    pic of male

    pic of vag hairs
  14. Better hope it is a decent ways away or it will spread its pollen and your females would end up with seeds in the buds.

    Great grow btw :)

  15. keep on truckin' dude.......water water water
  16. unfortunetly i cant water them at all because ive left for school and i wont be back for a month which is why i had to give them a drip system
  17. just a few more pics, these are the plants just before i left them, i should be returning to tend to them in a couple weeks.




    crazy pic
  18. Nice pics bro, props for not giving up the first time and trying again - looks like it's working for ya. I can't wait till next growing season so i can attempt to grow for my first time.
  19. Nice, looks sativa for sure. It looks a lot like pics of Skunk #1 I've seen (considering it's bagseed it's almost def. not a named strain but yeah whatever you're growing shares a leaf pheno with ye olde Skunk).

    Edit: Probably Mexican too, which makes sense what with a lot of our weed being imported from there. You can tell because, while there are a lot of leaflets, the leaves are mostly really broad while more equatorial/asian sativas have really skinny finger leaves. Meh I'm not an expert or anything, just my guess.
  20. yeah i dont expect it to be any potent strain, just tryin to test out my green thumb and get a little smoke in the process.

    shiftu - yeah dude dont ever give up, all the problems i came across were primarily just due to secrecy and having to keep them hidden.

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