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slowest burning papers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Shablagoo, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Whats up guys i think my j's burn too fast and i was wondering what your favorite papers are and what the slowest burning are.
  2. they do sell slow burning zig zags... it's the orange pack
  3. I hear people say the slow burning zig zags are too hard to roll with. I love them though. They do last noticeably longer than regular zig zags too. They're my everyday papers.
  4. Just pack and roll your J really tight. If you restrict the air flow you slow down the burn. Works for me every time :)

  5. This.. just make sure you don't roll it too tight or it won't pull.
  6. Raws burn very nice if rolled well and if you got dank yum yum :D
  7. Maybe baptize the joint to keep it from burning too quickly.
  8. [quote name='"WeedNotDrugs"']Raws burn very nice if rolled well and if you got dank yum yum :D[/quote]

    This^^^ raws or orange zig zags.
  9. Raws or marleys , i havent smoked zig zags in a while i think since like 9th grade or something lol i forgot how they burned.
  10. Orange zigs hands down man
  11. raws always burn the slowest for me. just got to them roll them tight.
  12. Elements...
  13. [quote name='"Shoreline Gold"']Maybe baptize the joint to keep it from burning too quickly.[/quote]

    In what? Just water?
  14. [quote name='"Shablagoo"']

    In what? Just water?[/quote]

    No, you put your tongue around it and gently pull it out of your mouth. It just gets the paper slightly moist so that it burns more slowly.

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