Slow vertical growth on purpose since I will be away...

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  1. I have a small indoor grow that I just put into 12/12 a few days ago. I will be going out of town for 6.5 days. I will have someone watch the plants who is not knowledgeable while I am gone.  I am currently LSTing the plants to keep them small (tallest is about 6-7 inches due to LST). I have then under a single 125W 6400K bulb. The plants are about 2 inches away from the bulb.They are in 6 in containers.
    Only one plant showed her sex and that was before 12/12.. the rest remain unknown.
    I don't want to come home to a huge amount of vertical growth that would be a pain to LST due to the thickness or out grow the space (Over reacting on that last one since there a good 8 inches the light can be raised with the clips*)
    I plan on LST one last time before I leave to the point where the top of the plant is horizontal.
    Thinking on having the sitter cut back the water to half a cup every other day.
    Leave the 6400K bulb versus switching to 2700K
    Stop feeding and leave the pH of the water high. (Actually was planning on starting feeding soon)
    Is there a "good" pH to slow them down?
    Will a even shorter light cycle help?
    Am I doing everything right to slow them down?
    *I know it doesn't seen like enough. I will mount the lights differently when the time comes to get another 6-8 inches and if that doesn't work I have other ideas.

  2. Too late for suggestions to get any implemented in time. Will see if I get post an update when I get back. 
  3. I wouldn't mess with their pH or light schedule. I wouldn't even water them differently. You're just going to cause problems that way. What I would have done is top them. Usually they take about 5 days to recover from that, and will stay shorter/bushier depending on the plant.
    Too late though I guess lol.

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