Slow transition from seed to veg

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  1. Hello everybody! Intermediate beginner here looking for some experienced heads. Thiking Ive got some slowed growth because I see other crops better off than mine. From seed to now I am on day 13
    Lights: 41w agroLED (using 2 at the moment) & a 15w flourescent for some added blue
    Soil: straight ocean forest (drains slow)
    Left: Big Bud
    Right: White widow
    Thoughts and comments are welcomed please.

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  2. Growth rate seems about normal for a seed in soil.
  3. Thank you!
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  4. That's not bad at all for day 13. Don't compare your grow to others, there are people on here who've been growing a very, very long time.
  5. I think you're on track for soil. I usually like to crack at least 5 seeds at a time so that I can pick the fastest growing seedlings. Not all seedlings are made equal, and you will notice this when you start to crack more seeds at a time.
  6. Thankyou my man

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