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    Ok guys, I germinated her, then planted her on 2/6/09, and she seems to be growing slow. The leaves are a bit droopy, but the plant looks healthy overall. Should she be further along? Should I start adding nutes? Cut back on watering? Here's my setup:

    3 6500k CFL
    1x1x1 grow box (for now)
    Fan sucking air out w/passive intake hole
    Generic organic soil, no nutes
    Temp. in the 70's
    Humidity around 45-50%
    18/6 lighting schedule

    I'd appreciate any input. Thanks alot guys.
  2. Bump...come on, I know someone has some input
  3. well you should grow hydro its easier than you may think and the plants grow faster and bigger but if your gonna grow in dirt add a week solution to nutes now and full in about a week
  4. Biggest thing that I have been taught through expensive and timely mistakes is pay attention to your ph water/nutes in and ph out...
  5. Your set-up looks fine. I think all you need to do is give it some time. A lot depends on the strain. I was doing some White Russian right alongside some Nirvana K-2's and the Nirvana took off and grew like mad. The WR still looked like a little seedling. I thought I was screwing something up, but had no idea what since the only thing different was the strain. Eventually the WR took off and actually caught up with the others, but for about the first 2 or 3 weeks it was way smaller than the K2.

    The big thing is not to get over anxious and try to force it. You DO NOT need ferts with a plant that young. Especially since it's small for it's age. Just be sure to let the soil dry out good between waterings. It should eventually get going for you. Also, get your CFL's about 2 or 3 inches away if possible, and use a gentle fan to keep the temps down. The main job at this point should be keeping a close eye on how moist the soil is. Good luck with it.

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