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  1. tl;dr: flush slow release potting soil or just buy a neutral medium? How do "slow-release" ferts work? Water activation?
    Recently, I've been doing more reading lately and came across warnings not to use slow release soil. Just too late for my pots! I've got 5 7-gal fabric pots out back waiting for seeds (and the wait is killing me, let me tell you) filled with this stuff, complete with "patented slow-release fertilizer." I did a little soil analysis with my PPM and pH sticks, and I got 480 PPM and 6.65 pH with tap-water (tap-water readings: PPM 246, pH 7.64). If I were to flush the pots with 20 or so gallons of hose water would that solve any problems slow-release might bring up down the line? What mechanism activates the release of the nutrients? No plants in them now so no harm, as I see it. I've got nutes waiting to go to replace them at my discretion during the grow as the plants need it (BioThrive Grow and Bloom).
    Other info for the curious:
    Strain: California Orange (perhaps also a Seedsman Cheese, freebie from the bank, for fun)
    Indoor 4'x4'x8', 2 x LED (300 true W), carbon filter and exhaust fan out the window, passive intake.
    Planning on germinating in a cup of water. I've got Rapid Rooter plugs and a tray as well
  2. I wouldn’t do it ya run the risk of never being able to feed your plant nutes without burnin em. There’s a few ppl on here that have a recipe for miracle growor Scott’s. I’d go fox farm ya don’t have to feed for 30-60 days.
    This guy pulled it off may give it a read
    4 all the MG haters!!
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    Any thoughts on mixing it with equal parts coco coir, vermiculite, and worm castings?
    Edit: vermiculite and worm castings not equal parts, just as amendments

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