Slow release nutrients. Any fixing?

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  1. This is my first grow. I have 2 unknown strains about 3 weeks old. My soil is organic and the slow release is .048% nitrogen over 3 months. I've done a lot of research and most people say water is what activates the slow release. I have nitrogen toxicity on both. Little yellow spots on a few leaves. Clawing. And the leaf tips look burnt / curling up.

    What's the best way to go about This? I have other organic soil that's not slow release. Seaweed extract, mycorrhizal soluble, and my ph is always between 6.0 to 6.2 and I keep the ppms under 300 for now. If anyone has advice on what I could do to help them out I could use a little guidance.

    Much love

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  2. I'm not sure what they are I got them off some home grown. I have new soil that I can transplant into. Would that be my best bet? Or let them go for 3 months

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  3. The internodes are stacked close together on one, with pretty bad tip curls and some yellowing. The other has more yellow and is clawing, as well as slow growth for both. They're about 20 days old maybe more [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Ok, so they are photoperiod plants which is good for you because you can keep them in veg mode until they are nice and healthy for flowering time!
    If you feel comfortable enough you could pull the plant out and knock a little bit of the soil off.. as long as you don't expose the roots to much you should be fine. I've had plants fall apart when transferring to different pots and still pull through.

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  5. Over watered. Your pH is off btw.
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  6. Yes! I should have added that. I just got my ph and tds test 2 days ago so they're now getting a ph of 6.0 to 6.2 or so . I'm using the lift method to water but when I started I wasn't sure about the amount , and the amount of soil I have is different in both :/
    Ok then new question. I have fem seeds. New soil. And all my test kits / nutes. Should I just get rid of these and start fresh or is there any point to saving them

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  7. No, definitely don't start over. Just over watered due to not enough drainage in the soil (which is why we add perlite)

    Your pH should be 6.4-6.8 (I'd recommend 6.8 personally).
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  8. I wasn't testing my ph to begin with so my soil ended up at about 7.5 ph, so the last few waterings I used lower ph water to drop the soil ph. I'll do around 6.4 now. Should I transplant into new soil using my mycorrhizal?

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  9. I also probably started the water till run off to soon since I potted to big

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  10. Update.
    I have moved one from the slow release soil, into fox farms ocean forest, with mycorrhizal under the root zone. She seems to be doing fine through the shock, now she's in a 1 gallon smart pot. The other one I will transplant this week sometime when she dries out enough, considering the one I already transplanted turns out fine. Thanks for the help !

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