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  1. so it's been about a week since planting my two autoflowering plants. In the first couple days I was able to see noticeable growth every morning but today, they look the same as they did yesterday sort of. I only worry because I have not watered since directly planting the sprouting seeds into 5 gallon pots from the water germination method. I have a moisture gauge and it still is on about a 3+, 4 being the highest. Should I water them now or is it too early. To the touch the top of my soils is none dry but maybe 2 inches down and lower its pretty damn wet still. I think when the plant gets bigger it will start sucking up the water

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. Spray the inside of a clear Dixie cup with water and cover it. Also spray the immediate area. Looks dry at the top. .
  3. So you are saying cover the actual plant with the Dixie cup? Also when I get home I waill spray the top layer to prevent drying out.
  4. In for the responses.

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  5. Yeah I use the transparent Dixie cups, not clear ones. Makes kind of a little greenhouse over your seedlings. They don't need too much direct light at that stage.
  6. Sorry I meant to say Solo cup, the plastic ones. Or anything like it. Tupperware bowl.
  7. It's because it's in a big pot. The roots tend to drop before the plant shoots up. Might be a little dry but just make sure it gets enough water and leave it be if it continues to look healthy, it's probably just rooting. The bigger the pot the longer it takes to root.
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  8. Alright man thanks

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