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  1. Hi im a newbie grower and have 4 plants that have had under a 125w cfl lamp and 3 of them seem to be fine but one of them is really struggling to get going, it is about half the size of the rest with yellowing leaves,
    (Growing in "soilless virgin peat substrate" also watering once a day, and I have the lamp approx 5" from the plants) any help would be appreciated, see pictures

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    Stop watering the small one, pick up each pot and I bet you find the runt is heavy in a waterlogged soil.
    Seen it a 1000 times.
    It also could be just a bunk seed.
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  3. was just typing that. seems like the little one is the most watered. could have also taken longer to germinate than the others ;)
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  4. Yeah I had trouble with it germinating it took about 18 hrs for the good 3 too germinate and about 5 days for poorly one to germinate. Also how long would I leave it without water? And do you think it would be worth buying a ph test kit? As at the minute I gambled with it. Thanks for yoyr replies

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