Slow growth about 20 days from sprout

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  1. So my plants are really small for being over 2 and a half weeks old. I transplanted them really young because the soil they were in had terrible drainage so that probably stunted their growth a little bit. Then a week later I've had heat issues with temps almost 100 degrees, 90 - 95 mostly. So I'm feeling really concerned that something is wrong with them. They should be twice the size by now. The leaves look a healthy color besides the slight yellowing on the leaf tips. One is really droopy still from heat stress. The leaf tips are curling on that one as well. I grew weed when I was 16 without any of these problems lol IMG_20190729_170348.jpg IMG_20190729_170348.jpg IMG_20190729_170355.jpg IMG_20190729_170518.jpg

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  2. Sounds like the heat issue was your latest problem.

    How long ago was it?
    Do you have it under control now?

    Without more info I imagine your plant is just recovering from all the issues and just needs time. Once temp and watering issues are fixed it will recover and grow again. This can take a day up to two weeks or more.
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  3. to say they was in 35c i was expecting them to be really suffering i too would be worried if i had a plant that size after 2 weeks it is really small but as long as there not autos you got all the time in world to let them recover in veg good luck buddy keep us posted plz :D
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  4. I've added two fans since the temps were shooting up to 90 degrees (about 3 or 4 days ago), now the temps are at a average 75 - 85. With my light on the tempature still gets a little high but not nearly as bad as it was before. I'm moving the plants inside my house today so they'll be at a constant 70 - 75 degrees hopefully even with the grow light on.
  5. Thanks man I appreciate the advice, do you think this early stress and size will affect the yield later down the road? I'm trying to pull at least 2 or 3 oz per plant. I also have some northern lights x big bud autos but I'm scared that I'll fuck them up now since I'm having this problem so early in lol
  6. lol i hear bro as long as shes healthy at the flip of 12/12 she will give good nugs even if you require 1 extra week to get her back on track its worth extra veg time for a good harvest
  7. Yup you could veg them for a year if you wanted and grow a full on tree haha. But the yield will depend on the size and health when you flower and the amount and quality of light. Assuming proper watering and feeding is provided.
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  8. So here's a lil update if anyone wants to see. The healthier one still looks good and is growing but kinda slow. I raised my led light up about 10 inches yesterday to see if the light could have been stressing them out and to get some more upward growth. The droopy one is still looking bad and started bending over to the side for some reason so I buried the stem a little bit to make it more stable. It doesn't seem to have a very good root system. It feels really flimsy compared to the other one. Here some pics

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  9. Im probably gonna have to veg them for a longer time due to the slow growth but at least that gives more time to manipulate that plant for a bigger yield in the end. :)

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