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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by euphora, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. I got this plant that just wont grow well its growing but at a very slow pace and to top it all its started to show a bit of yellowing at the lower levels and its starting to go abit wrinkley, it gets the same as all of the plants i have and they are growing nice but this one plant is being a bit*h.
    Has anyone had a plant like this before if so how did they over come the problems.

    I ve tested the Ph levels and they are ok it gets all the nuets it needs and it has started to get on my nerves.

    P.S Has any one ever used the coral lamps used in tropical fish tanks.
  2. what size of pot is it in, and how old is it?............Peace out..........Sid
  3. its in a 5 liter pot and it 3 weeks old hits only 1ft tall and has only a smaall amount of leaves on it the other plants are 4 ft tall and are flurishing
  4. 1 foot sounds fine for a 3 week old plant, and you say the others have grown to be 4' tall in 3 weeks!?............Peace out......Sid
  5. well there more like 3 ft 7" tall. they had some stretch at the start.

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