Slow Growing Seedlings? (Pics)

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    Got two seedlings growing, one is Pineapple Chunk and the other is Afghan Kush.  It seems as if it's growing slow.  But I don't know, due to the reason that I grow hydro usually, and I'm doing soil now.  Basically I haven't added any nutes myself, but I am using Fox Farm based soil (Ocean Forest, and Light Warrior) I mixed the two together.
    For my Pineapple Chunk I mixed it 50/50
    For my Afghan Kush I mixed 70% Light Warrior 30% Ocean Forest
    They don't look like there growing as in developing new leaf sets on the top.  The leaves already there appear to be get larger, and there is a set of leaves coming it, but it seems it is growing slow.  
    I did the two cup solo method with the slit, so it's easier to transplant when the time comes.
    I water usually every 2 - 3 days it's not turning into two days, since I think the roots are consuming more water, because the cups get lighter faster.
    There no sign of nute burn either, so I don't know why growth is slow.  Maybe I am just used to hydro being more aggressive.
    Planted into solo cup on the 17th, was in rapid rooter prior, just until the taproot was poking out of the bottom of the RR.


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