Slow grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fong hawk, Aug 1, 2017.

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  2. I'll get some better closeup pics later I just feel like they should be a lot bigger but I could be overreacting

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  3. Even though it's hard to see the health of your plants because of the blurple light - you're not overreacting. What medium are you using? This is a pic of a plant that is 4 weeks old for a comparison.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
  4. I just switched 4 of them that were the bigger last night to 1 gal from small mediums they were pretty root bound think I'm gonna switch the other ones too maybe I was stunting the growth waiting to long?

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  5. How long should I have waited to switch to a bigger size pot from the start?

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  6. post better pics in normal lighting Dude we see pink plants from a distance...not ideal to give guesses when you need the RIGHT info to get them back on track.. alot more info is needed as well...the ph at runoff the ec level said it got hot as he'll so we know that much...but more info and pics without the leds on..


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  7. Allowing plants to remain in small containers that they have outgrown will definitely stunt growth. I don't use regular pots anymore, but when I did I started in solo cups for the first two weeks of growth, transplanted to an 80 oz. pot for weeks 3 and 4, and finally to a 2 gallon pot.

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