Slow genetics or deficiency?

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    I am growing 4 auto flowers. 2 are lowryder bluedreams which seem to be spurting off like crazy and then one LSD-25 by FastBuds and a Six Shooter by FastBuds. Those 2 seem to be growing slowly. It’s been exactly 32 days. I’m growing in fox farm OF with some extra perlite and a little dolomite lime under a mars 248 reflector. There in 3 gallon pots. Here’s some pics below the two big ones are the lowryders, ironic. any thoughts are appreciated.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. smaller ones . you notice less leaf fingers on them? usually stress or shitty genetics . the bigger ones are happy making me think the genetics are shitty. hope this helps some. the 1 with only a few finger leafs i would toss it. last plant pic. possible herm waiting to happen there. 3 finger leafs plant does not even know how to grow. even if you flower it. i will not pull much yield
  4. On that one I clipped some leaves cause I felt it wasn’t getting much light underneath so a snipped like 2 or something.

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  5. not that you clipped leafs. i see 3 finger leafs. you clip them ? so there are only 3 fingers on those leafs.
  6. IV got a strain there and one pheno has 3 finger leafs and it pulls just as much as the others yeild wise also some times cuttings will start with 3 finger leafs due to stress but after a few weeks they start growing more so I wouldn't worry to much mate imp

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