Slow flowering or impatience

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  1. 1st timer got 2 big buds (original from seed) under 600W HPS which is at 400W just now 18" above the plant, think flowering started 14/12/16 but switched a week before. using hydroponics just 2 airstones in each full whack. temps from 68F to 78F pH sitting at 6.2 at most times. 2 4" fans in and out with 1 big fan blowing air around the grow space sides. trying now to work but they look a little scarce for 4ish weeks into flowering. any help of feedback is appreciated guys, went into this one blind haha. no boost YET but i will get it asap.
  2. Without pics we're blind too.
  3. they not showing?
  4. They weren't but are now. Very stretched plants, lots of wasted space between nodes. Its pretty crowded and a very uneven canopy which leads to stretchEd plants. Have they always been under a 600? Did you veg with weaker lighting? Was the ballast set at a lower wattage? How far away is the light from your plant? If plants aren't getting the light they need they will stretch to get it.
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  5. 18" away, not the best angle ill get a shot when i next can to show canopy properly. 24W HG bulb for first week, 240W HPS for 4 weeks, 400 until last week.
  6. yh stretched a bit, had them tied down and done some suppercropping but they bounced back fast
  7. I would consider that Stretched alot, not a bit. That's why the plant appears "scarce" as you put it. Do you have the option of using metal halide bulbs? Switchable Digital ballast perhaps? They'll help reduce stretch during veg and even into flower. Keeping those nodes tighter. Before I had the space I do now I really had height issues. Any stretch and I was screwed. Running mh for the first couple weeks reduced that initial stretch in flower. Stretched plants don't yeild well for their size. Bud sites aren't connected together well leaving lots of stem without bud. Some strains are stretchy but this appears more of a lighting issue. Getting your bulbs closer will help but will also reduce the lights over all usable foot print. How big of an area are you growing in? You're smaller lights may just not have been large enough to cover the area well
  8. unfortunately not, I was a bid bummed at what i've paid so far and if possible would like to use what I have first till Ive got one under my belt. if i bend and supercrop at this point to level out and bunch up would that be okay.
    1.5M by 1 is the area but its only 1.4M high
  9. the main reason i spread it all out is because the leaves were touching alot
  10. You can do whatever you want but you're not going to fix the stretching issue. What's done is done at this point. At this point I would just finish them out. The beginning flower stretch should be over or pretty much so the lower branches will never catch up. Plus it won't change the distance between nodes or "bunch" them up. It is what it is. Other then that they look relatively on par 5bedd74a1dfe7164a83a66a0cd3b906e.jpg next time you want to lay a plant out flat hit me up. I Scrog. This is 1 plant and what my nets look like when I flip. It's ok for leaves to touch.
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  11. Killset thanks alot, next time I will give you a shout, that composition of the sites is what I want. one step at a time though! ty

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