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Slow cooking oil. Odor problems?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by notagain, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. The smell of making edibles is similar to the smell of continuously smoking for that amount of time. That's my experience. Pretty stinky:smoke:
  2. It stinks, but in my experience it doesn't smell like bud burning.

    How much bud you are using makes a difference too.
  3. Itll probably be around 3/4 of an ounce, while it sits in the bag the smell really isnt that bad.
  4. Everytime I made edibles the smell was never an issue I could smell it but wasn't that strong and when everyone would come home noone would ask any questions I doubt they noticed
  5. Just make shure your doors locked open all of the windows get glade of Lysol not febreeze it sucks balls and doesn't cover shit. Also try slow poking by putting the oil in an airtight wit the bud like a mason jar or like u can use a jar that seals from ur fridge I used a glass jar of coffe just washed it out really well worked great
  6. Just do it outside. Too easy. Smell disperses easily. Just make sure you get up in time in the morning to clean/pack up before everyone else. If you want to do it for longer (than one night), do it in two (or more) stages, just make sure the oil/herb mix is allowed to cool properly and is in a tightly sealed container until next processing time (to prevent oxidisation and rancidity).
  7. Well no one will be home until Saturday afternoon, but the thing is my cousin is over and he is an ex-pot smoker and would probably know what I'm doing by the smell, and he goes out in the backyard all the time to smoke a cig. I just don't want him finding out (he is a blabber mouth). My family isn't a very open minded one when it comes to bud, so if he finds out and decides to tell on me, I'm screwed since I still live at home. Just a few more months though, and I'm gone!

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

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