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  1. so im 6 weeks into flowering my dutch passion blueberry and for the past 2 weeks i havent seen much bud growth all the pistels are turning brown,
    im using the foxfarm nutes if that helps at all. heres the only pic i could get at the moment but ill try to get sum more soon if anybodys got an idea id be very thankful

  2. what nutrient solution, is it the bloom? what type of light?
    Maybe lack of light...Im stumped
  3. I had a similar problem that I fixed with gravity flower hardener, botanicare's hydroplex and silica blast, along with fox farm pro bloom. After the silica had time to affect the plant, I lowered the lights to 1" from the top buds. I run 400w with a glass case and air extraction off the hood so my temps were ok and the silica lets them tolerate more heat. Run just water for a couple days, then Change your solution in case u have nutrient lock.
  4. Don't rely on the silica saving them from heat. It makes them resistant, but they won't take it forever and still grow best at optimum temps. The primary purpose of it is to strengthen stalks.

    Is that the top of the plant? If that's just a random low side branch, that looks about right with a 400W, especially considering you're not using a phosphorus load, and I hear nothing but bad things about foxfarm nutes. Go buy a phosphorus load now... you use them in the last 2-3 weeks of flower to give them enough phosphorus to really pop the buds at the end. Don't expect filled-in branches at this point, though.

    As for brand, I recommend mad farmer. It's all the same stuff, and they seem cheapest. GH had a pretty cheap one, too.
  5. im actually using 2 65 watt cfl bulbs and yeah thats just a side brach but its doing better than the cola, the cola is just really fat not tall at all. im using big bloom and grow big from foxfarm too if that helps and ill look out for sum phosphorus stuff and get it.
  6. Fox Farms nutes are fine, pretty damn good IMO (I have several grows you can look at done with FF). You just need to use the right one. Get yourself some Tiger Bloom, it's the proper flowering nutes (high-P). Use that with Big Bloom (micro nutrients) instead of the Grow Big - that's for vegging. Together these are know as the FF Trio, you need all three for a full grow.

    More light would sure help out as well. Good luck!

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