Sloppy Joe's

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IndianaToker, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Mmmm..... I'm nice and stoned now and fixing some sloppy joe's.....

    There gonna be the shit!!!!

    Can't wait until they are done...

    *Does happy to be munching on the sloppy joe's dance*
  2. sloppy joes are great i just made some waffles. mmm mmm tasty i think they are my new favorite munchie
  3. mmm... sloppy joes. enjoy indiana :D
  4. I hate fuckin slopy joes.. I be eatin some steak and potatoes right now mmmmmmmm now thats good....
  5. Sloppy Joe's are outstanding when done right. Some can be nasty though. You know school lunch style.
  6. I had raspberry pancakes for dinner with raspberry sauce and a big ass glass of milk.

    I dig sloppy joes but they really are sloppy. How were they, Indiana???
  7. They were the best!! Though I do have to admit those rasberry pancakes sound darn good RMJL!!

    I love to cook up a storm when I get the munchies... Lots of fun to work in the kitchen IMHO!

    RMJL do ya like chocolate chip pancakes? Yummy!!
  8. Ohhhhhh, I love them.....yummmmmmmy!
  9. <<

    i have a fuck of a lot of posts.
  10. norm, I like the avatar! , then when you changed what you had written underneath, I just sit here watch it, read that and laugh without fail

    anyway, about these sloppy joes. I always think about sloppy joes, I really like them! but never make them! ugh! im jealous..Im gonna have to make them now sooooooon!
  12. Sloppy's are always great but im never up for the big challenge when im really blazed so i usually just end up turning on my timer and making some frozen pizza in the over, and its always UmUmGOOD!
  13. Sloppy joes are good but they can be nasty!

    I prefer steak and potatoes as well!

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